The Trotskyite View of Donbass


The Trotskyite view of Donbass is exactly the same view as that found in any CIA briefing room. This is because the Trotskyite view is that of supporting the fascist rightwing and collaborating with the oppressive forces of capitalism. Indeed, the Trotskyite view is that trumpeted through the Western media every single day. In that odd and ahistorical world, The Socialist Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk do not fight for the Scientific Socialism as espoused by Marx and Lenin, but rather are a product of bizarre ‘plot’ by the Russia involving the infiltration of Eastern Ukraine with Russian neo-Nazi forces! This plays into the illogical US Cold War rhetoric that there was no difference between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. The Red Flag is really the swastika in disguise. When this nonsense is accepted as correct, then the actual neo-Nazis in Kiev are transformed into freedom fighters which everyone in the West must avidly support! What is not required here, is the capacity to apply critical thinking. Trotskyites, of course, do not care about any of this, as they are busy assisting the US to eradicate the correct history of the USSR, and encourage bourgeois leftist movements to replace all genuine Communist centres of activity. As neo-Nazis oppose all forms of Scientific Socialism, the neo-Nazi movement in general is a natural ally of the Trotskyites. Perhaps the greatest irony is that Trotskyism has infiltrated modern Russia, and true to form has worked its parasitic way in the Marxist-Leninist movement (attempting to bring it down from within). These treacherous Russians often mimic the Soviet-era in their dress, threaten a mock Revolutionary spirit, and then when the time is right, suddenly manifest their true Trotskyite colours when they feel such a revealing can do the most damage. I saw one such Russian on social media banging-on about the right to own guns (when in fact gun-ownership was banned within Soviet civil society), whilst wearing CCCP regalia! He spoke of Revolution here and Revolution there – but when I asked him about the ‘heroic’ Socialist resistance of Donbass he made a public statement saying that Donbass was a Russian neo-Nazi stronghold controlled by the Russian oligarchs!

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