Socialism Emerges from the Organised and Aware Working Class!


When I talk to people around London, particularly those outside my academic or politic circles, I find that those we might call ‘workers’ are self-consumed, have no class consciousness, or leftwing political understanding. They are busy mimicking the bourgeoisie that oppresses them, deluding themselves into thinking that they are ‘individuals’ and the reason they suffer in life is because of their own failings, and nothing to do with the inherently unequal conditions of the highly exploitative society within which they live. In this type of people, who are more numerous than many would like to think, is the opinion that just working ‘more’ under adverse employment conditions will eventually sort out all the problems and inconsistencies that plague their existence. The fact that absolutely no one (or virtually no one) has ever achieved this transformation is lost on them. This is because this type of person eulogises the rich and famous, seemingly unaware that most of these people were born rich, and are of the bourgeois class that relies upon the slave-labour of the workers to retain their opulent lifestyles. When these people tell me stories of terrible service from the DWP or NHS, I tell them that the Tories are ‘privatising’ the NHS and abolishing the Welfare State. I am generally met with blank incomprehension. This is when I know they vote Tory (or at least LibDems), and have been complicit in giving the current Tory Administration three terms of office. Some justify this ignorance of position by stating there is nothing different between Labour and the Tories, which is correct in one sense, and false in another. At least Labour keeps up the pretence of Socialism, whilst the Tories do not bother hiding their fascistic tendencies. The point is that if the British workers developed a true consciousness, banded together and lobbied the Labour Party for true Socialism, then the Labour Party would have no choice. This is doubly true if this mass of workers voted Labour in all elections at every level. Labour MPs would be selected that were ‘Socialist’ and the Parliamentary Labour Party would have no choice but to follow a Socialist path in both opposition and government. This could never happen to the Conservative Party which will always exclude the working class and follow deliberately demeaning and debilitating policies toward the ordinary people. As matters stand, I see that many workers possess entrenched ignorant attitudes that only benefit the Tories – whilst never benefitting from supporting the Tories. This is why the British Welfare State is disappearing and the NHS sold off to corporations that have no interest in the wellbeing of the ordinary people. The bourgeois democratic system offers a false choice to an ignorant populace, so that it can choose an elected dictatorship. The working class are misled, this is true, but at the sametime the working class must take-action to educate itself and organise for group bargaining. Workers as individuals – is a useless situation to be in – as this type of individualism only favours the bourgeois class which is already rich and possesses all the power within society. Until workers understand what they are doing, British Socialism will slip ever further away in real terms. Socialism is a working class ideology because it is only from the working class that it can emerge.

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