Sutton School Bomb-Scare Hoax

DSC_2953 (1)
Collecting Mei-An – Safe and Well!

At 11:10am the following email arrived in my Inbox:

‘Cheam Park Farm Primary

Monday, March 19, 2018 11:10

Urgent message:

‘A message was received by Sutton schools regarding a bomb threat.

We have been advised by the police and Sutton Local Authority that this is a hoax.

We followed our emergency procedures and evacuated the entire school to St Oswald’s Church.

The children are now returning to Molesey and Kingston Site.

Mrs Day

Head teacher

Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy (EYFS & KS1) Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy (KS2)

Molesey Drive Kingston Avenue

Sutton Sutton


020 8644 7415 020 8644 8969

As parents, we were astonished and in disbelief to receive the above email. We had only dropped our daughter (Mei-An) off at school at 8:50am. My partner – Gee – immediately rang the school whilst I put out this information on social media (we are both working from home today). Gee finally got through to the school with the staff member being calm and collected. We were told that the school had been evacuated to a local church with haste but not panic, and that the children were told it was an unplanned visit. We were also told that the Police had searched the school and declared it free of any explosive devices, and that the children had returned to their classrooms. at around 11:30am, we were told that all this had happened an hour ago. I posted on Facebook and Twitter – but was astonished to see one or two people (on Twitter) without children at school in Sutton, making light of the obvious parental concern we all felt! Yes, we were told it was a ‘hoax’, but nevertheless the shock of this happening is surprising to say the least. Our first instinct was to drive to te school and pick-up our daughter – but the school has advised that all is calm in the classrooms and everyone is getting on with their studies. I am impressed with my daughter’s school for what they have achieved today, and the Police and other Authorities involved. However, just why this ‘false flag’ hoax has occurred is a matter for further debate, considering the state of the country under Tory ‘Austerity’, the dismantling of the Welfare State and the privatisation of the NHS, not to mention the Tories trying every trick in the book to start a war with Russia! From what I have been told, the Sutton Schools emailing system was ‘hacked’ and the email inserted into the system and circulated. This has caused widespread panic and alarm. It seems that panic is being spread through British society to prepare the population for mobilisation.

Update: 4:00pm

Mei-An was happy and unconcerned – a testament to how well her school operates. The children had been told that there was a fire drill and that there was nothing to worry about. Upon returning home, we reached the following letter (emailed) from the school:

Dear Parents

Following our evacuation this morning teachers were sent this email at lunchtime in order for them to discuss the situation with their classes.

‘Class teachers please share something similar to this with your classes this afternoon.

Thank you for being so sensible this morning when we evacuated the school to the St Oswald’s church.

Normally when we evacuate the building, such as when we have a fire drill, we can just stand on the playground.

Today we had to go to the church because lots of schools in London received a suspicious email. Luckily, it was nothing to worry about and the police checked our school to make sure it was safe.

Your parents may know more tonight and you may see information about it on the internet or television.

We were very happy with how everyone reacted today and we know that if it had been a real incident it is clear that children remained safe and calm.

Well done!

Thank you’

Mrs Day

Head teacher
Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy (EYFS & KS1)      Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy (KS2)
Molesey Drive                                                                            Kingston Avenue
Sutton                                                                                            Sutton
SM3 9UU                                                                                       SM3 9UE

020 8644 7415                                                                              020 8644 8969

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