Anti-Fascism: Taking Down the Terrrorist ‘Britain First’


Following Theresa May’s failure to ‘ban’ the (Christian) far-right neo-Nazi Britain First, or hold it ‘officially’ responsible for the terrible murder of Labour MP Jo Cox – Britain First ‘members’ are now actively taking to the net in full support of Tory ‘Austerity’ policy, particularly in relation to the ‘privatisation’ of the NHS. The BMA (UK) site has received an unusually large number of racist Britain First posts, and even one or two of these working-class traitors have dared to show their empty heads on my personal Facebook page! These Tory bed-fellows are easy to see, as Britain First propagates a rightwing variant of Protestant Christianity – exactly the same as that espoused by the rightwing DUP. Whilst the DUP colludes with NHS privatisation on the British Mainland, Northern Ireland itself, as it is prone to sectarian violence, IS NOT ‘privatising’ its NHS region (as the Tories believe that deaths from inadequate medical treatment might lead to ‘terrorist’ violence in the area). Britain First is just the latest far-right manifestation in the UK – all with their offices registered to the same address in Newton Abbott (Devon). It attracts the intellectually dim, and the materially and culturally impoverished. Its members are not that clever, and find it very difficult to stick to a racist and bigoted script. These are poorly educated working class people who do not realise that they are being used in the crassest of fashions by the middle class they have been mistakenly conditioned to endure. Their rhetoric is violent, and as it is religiously motivated, must be considered no different from that expressed by Islamo-fascists. I would advise the British Authorities to move against Britain First and shut it down as a criminal and terrorist outfit. I would also advise members of Britain First to ‘report’ the criminal activities of their colleagues, and get out of this terrorist organisation before it is too late for them!

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