The Holocaust that Capitalism Caused


At 11am this morning (26.1.2018) – a Holocaust Memorial wil be held in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum. There is a tree next to the Soviet War Memorial which serves as the focal-point. This is an important event – as most others (which will happen on Sunday) are comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish groups that actively conspire to ‘excise’ the fact that the Soviet Red Army ‘liberated’ Auschwitz and medically cared for the survivors. This is to do with an a priori support for capitalism by these groups – but the irony is that fascism is capitalism in decay – and it was capitalist fascism (within Nazi Germany) that committed the Holocaust in the first place. The efficiency of the factory was brought to bear to the process of murdering millions in a conveyer-belt fashion, using logic and brutality combined. Of course, 6 million Jews died, as did 5 million homosexuals, disabled, Communists, inferior races and anti-Nazis in the Death Camps – but in the USSR Holocaust there between 27 – 40 million dead and wounded (through warfare and atrocities committed directly by the Nazi Germans and their Eastern European Allies), whilst in China, between 1931-1945, the Imperialist Japanese inflicted a combined 60 million casualties upon the Chinese people. The fascist Italians committed atrocities against te Jews and against Africans. This is the disaster that capitalism (as fascism) caused to the world!

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