We Are All Maoists!


We all swim in the murky pool of political disinformation, and are either fully aware, partially aware, or not aware at all. The broad masses are deceived on a regular basis as a means for the ruling elites to retain their privilege and status. In-short, political disinformation exists to maintain the capitalist status quo, and prevent any widescale development of a competing Socialist Movement. So far so good. This system is simple and effective because most people have no interest in the forces that constantly define their lives or manipulate their choices. Those that do become aware are targeted by the system – not because they are wrong – but because they are right. These individuals are misrepresented as ‘mad loners’ who never liked society in the first place, many of whom tend to meet with unfortunate accidents. Faced with this kind of negative reinforcement, it is no wonder that many prefer to stay in the cosy world of conformity of routine oppression. However, for those of us who are able to see, we have a duty toward humanity to expose the truth of what is happening around us. Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States has led to a ‘new’ rhetorical offensive against Communist China. Of course, on the surface, the US and China has what appears to be ‘cordial’ relations, but it is behind the scenes where numerous US offensives to bring-down China are in operation. Two of the most obvious are the Falun Gong Cult, and the Pro-Tibetan Movement – but China has down well over the decades to contain these reactionary movements and in the process educate Western progressives to the reality of the situation. The US Government – through its colony of Taiwan – puts out a tremendous amount of racist material (in both English and Chinese languages), often assisted by Chinese capitalists. Eating dogs and killing babies are prime examples of this type of thinking. This is coupled with the generation of a false history about China that has no Chinese language references (because it is fake), which follows the usual US Cold War rhetoric of accusing ‘Communism’ (which saves the masses) as being the vehicle that ‘kills the masses’. In this regard, the idea that Communism kills is a simple and cost-effective inversion of reality, that is easy to deploy and scare people into believing. The so-called ‘Tiananmen Square’ Incident of 1989 is a good example of this, whereby the PLA is accused of ruthlessly ‘putting-down’ a popular protest by students against the Communist Chinese government in 1989. A Wikileaks article published in the rightwing Daily Telegraph in the UK put an end to this myth, but since the early 1990’s, the US has propagated the further myth that China has abandoned its Socialist Revolution and has taken on a capitalist path. This has received a remarkable traction from both the political left and right in the West, and has mainstreamed as the general attitude toward China. This has been by far one of the most successful US propaganda offensives against Communist China. Of course, such a distortion has no currency within China itself, but is designed solely as a means to generate external pressure upon the Communist regime. The US ideologues work from the premise that any external pressure is better or more effective than no pressure, and their role model stems from the collapse of the USSR in 1991. It is the sincere hope of the US that a similar collapse will happen to China that will remove the Communist threat to US hegemony. However, as China begins to strengthen and make its technological and scientific weight felt on the world stage, the Trump Administration has sought a new method to ‘destabilise’ China’s developing industrial and technological base. This must be disrupted because all of its scientific achievements and advances are demonstrating the superiority of the Chinese Communist System (not to mention the fact that whilst millions starve in the US – the Communist Government of China has raised at least 400 million people out of poverty). After decades of accusing China of being ‘capitalist’, the Trump Administration has now concocted a new strategy of ‘inventing’ a breakaway ‘Maoist’ group in China which is being attacked and persecuted by a Communist Party that has ‘sold out’. Other than appearing like a script out of a US movie – again this disinformation is gaining traction throughout the West, with misled leftist groups even pledging support for imagined ‘dissidents’ sat in empty cells. This article is typical of a new wave of disinformation (in English) about China that conveys no idea of Marxist-Leninist dialectics and has no Chinese language references. There is no breakaway group of Maoists in China – as ALL Chinese Communists are Maoist. A Maoist is a Marxist-Leninist who applies the ideology of Marx-Engels to Chinese cultural conditions. A basic premise of Marxist-Leninism is that different historical epochs require different dialectical pathways. After decades of resisting Maoism, the US is now attempting to encourage it within a false paradigm of their own making. MAOISM has never gone away, it has just adjusted to circumstance and consequently steered Communist China in a new and positive direction that has left the US far behind due to its capitalist limitations.

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