President Xi: China Respects its Socialist Intellectuals (24.4.2017)


Xinhua Newsagency Reporter: Ju Peng She (鞠鹏摄)

(Translated by Adnan Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: The South China Post – a Western newspaper – recently published an article stating that ‘100 Chinese Intellectuals‘ had signed a petition to release a ‘Maoist’ intellectual supposedly held in prison. The South China Post claimed that he had been imprisoned for demanding that ‘capitalist’ China should re-embrace its ‘Maoist’ past. This is fake news and a prime example of both US and Trotskyite disinformation. This is just one attempt of many designed to bring-down the Communist System in China. The point of such deceptions is to create a ‘drip by drip’ effect through which the Western capitalists think the Communist Party of China (CPC) will lose power. This fabricated interpretation of China has no paradigmatic basis within China, or Mainland Chinese language narratives. Within Communist China the Law is clear and must not be broken. This is the same even in the most unfair of capitalist societies. The following (translated) Chinese language article, written some 8 months prior to the South China Post article, features President Xi clearly stating the esteemed place that Chinese intellectuals occupy within Chinese culture. (24.1.2018)

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chairman of the State Council, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission visited the People’s Court – where he met with representatives of the Peasants’ Labour Party and the Ninety Three Academic Society – who attended the 5th session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee on the afternoon of March 4th. This group listened, discussed and made comments and suggestions. President Xi emphasized that the main priority was to emphasise that China requires a greater knowledge generated by intellectuals, and that Chinese intellectuals must assist in rejuvenating the nation (and the people’s happiness) through a greater prosperity throughout the nation. China’s wealth-generation must be led by a very good and sound education system that is defined by the production of cutting-edge science and ground-breaking technology. Throughout society, people must help one another and not be selfish, in this way the people will advance together and no one will be left behind. China will progress only through hard work and a selfless attitude.

Continuing the application of Maoist thought, President Xi stated that the 13th Five Year Plan will be successful if all the nationalities in China, together with the democratic and labour movements, work effectively together to apply the principles of ‘five positions in one body’, and the ‘four comprehensives’, then China’s development will be secure and even. This means that as China develops, adjustments of the superstructure and infrastructure must be made to retain balance and harmony. China is only a moderately prosperous society and much hard-work is still needed. China can only develop with new and progressive ideas that keep a Socialist society advancing.

Intellectuals are leaders of society, pillars of China, pride of the people and a valuable asset to the country. President Xi pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party has always attached great importance to intellectuals. The vast majority of intellectuals represent the most progressive elements of Chinese society, are the pillars of the country, the pride of the people and the precious wealth of the nation. China’s intellectuals have always had a strong sense of family life, a strong sense of social responsibility, morality and bravery. Generations of intellectuals have contributed wisdom and strength to the cause of China’s Revolution, construction and reform, and some have even sacrificed their precious lives, leaving behind epic deeds.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the whole of society should care about intellectuals, cherish intellectuals, and create a good social atmosphere for respecting knowledge and respecting intellectuals. It is necessary to broaden the road to excellence and enrich the intellectuals in all fields by harnessing their wisdom and talent, sincerity and love, their courage to act, their tolerance of difference, and their ability to recognise talent in others. Leading cadres at all levels should be good at dealing with intellectuals and develop close friendships with intellectuals. Intellectuals should be trusted to make important and major decisions, and cadres should seek advice and suggestions from intellectuals. Opinions and criticisms from intellectuals, as long as the starting point is dialectically correct, must be warmly welcomed, and actively adopted. Even if individual opinions are biased or wrong, they should be tolerated, rather than ignored or dismissed (even if they are not acted upon). China should create better conditions for the work of intellectuals and accelerate the formation of institutional mechanisms conducive to the pioneering work of intellectuals. This process should facilitate the work characteristics of intellectuals, so that intellectuals can concentrate more upon their own work, and fully release their own talent and energy.

A Socialist intellectual is a Proletariat intellectual. A Socialist intellectual possesses an advanced mind which functions in a progressive manner. This is a mind that deals with material facts and is free to assess, analyse and speculate in any and all directions. A Proletariat intellectual is not limited to the narrow and inverted functionality of the bourgeois intellectual. A Socialist intellectual is not limited to the class-related and greed-orientated mind functionality of the capitalist intellectual – which is anti-working class and opposed to the progression of the people. Whereas a bourgeois intellectual begins his-her analysis using myth and inverted logic, the Proletariat intellectual begins his-her analysis from the concrete circumstances of everyday life. This process should be collective and always directed toward the betterment and improvement of the people. All intellectuals in China should work together and harness an outpouring of collective creativity, if this is carried-out correctly, then China’s society will noticeably progress. Finally, a Socialist intellectual is the product of the people, and all his-her activity is an expression of that collectivity, and should not deviate from this premise. A Proletariat intellectual is never more important than the masses of people he or she represents.

The CPC will co-ordinate all the democratic parties in China in this most important of projects. If all the political parties act together, then China can benefit from the collective brain-power of its 1.3 billion population. This includes all men, women and children, all nationalities, all types of people (of any ability or limited ability) and anyone who truly wants to see China progress. This is the correct meaning of Socialist intellectualism.

Chinese Language Reference:


新华社记者 鞠 鹏摄

据新华社北京3月4日电 中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席习近平3月4日下午看望了参加全国政协十二届五次会议的民进、农工党、九三学社委员,并参加联组会,听取意见和建议。他强调,伟大的事业,决定了我们更加需要知识和知识分子,更加需要知识分子为国家富强、民族振兴、人民幸福多作贡献。我国广大知识分子要以时不我待的紧迫感、舍我其谁的责任感,主动担当,积极作为,刻苦钻研,勤奋工作,为全面建成小康社会、建设世界科技强国作出更大贡献。












据新华社北京3月4日电 中共中央政治局常委、国务院总理李克强,中共中央政治局常委、全国人大常委会委员长张德江,中共中央政治局常委、全国政协主席俞正声,中共中央政治局常委、中央书记处书记刘云山,中共中央政治局常委、中央纪委书记王岐山,中共中央政治局常委、国务院副总理张高丽,4日分别看望出席全国政协十二届五次会议的委员并参加分组讨论,同大家共商国是。


编辑: 王丹蕾

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