The Rightwing Bias of Facebook


An interesting experience. Whilst contributing to the deconstruction of a rightwing ideologue on another comrade’s page – FB started categorising my links to academic articles as ‘spam’ and then began ‘deleting’ despite being told the links were published articles. This is not new. Every so often I receive PMs stating that people have been unable to post on my pages due to FB action. This goes on across FB and is a mechanism default set to support the rightwing and censure the leftwing. Ghosting is another tactic FB use whereby a post remains visible to a poster – but cannot be seen by an intended audience. During the 2017 General Election in the UK, FB attempted to prevent the spread of pro-Corbyn propaganda by switching everyone’s security settings to ‘friend’s only’. It is FB that interferes in the democratic process – and not Russia! As I suspect this post will be ‘ghosted’, I will publish it on my WordPress blog.

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