A Message to leftists That Propagate ‘Fascism’


Here’s the deal. I oppose fascism on every front – including Zionist racism AND anti-Semitism. Please do not ‘attempt to ‘Freind’ or ‘Follow’ this psge if you hold rightwing opinions. I will find out and you will be permanently ‘Banned’. Fascism and Trotskyism are not welcome here. There are certain sites out there where opposers of Israel use fascist racism rather than dialectical reason. Judaism is not the issue – racist (secular) Zonism is. These sites attract White Suprenacist criminals – which insults my Jewish friends who oppose Israel. I reject these sites and the racism they perpetuate. I also reject any Communist or Socialist site which uses anti-China or anti-North Korean racism as a false front to perpetuate fascism. Much of this racism is eminating from BJP controlled India. I reject this form of fascism. The same rejection is in operation for all forms of homophobia and transgenderphobia (from whatever source). Such people are class enemies and no different from Nazi Germans. You have my eternal scorn and undying resistance. You are Scum and an affront to the working class!

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