What is Fabricated News?


The mainstream media in the West represents bourgeois political and cultural views which not only exclude the working class, but also serve to portray that class in a negative and underhand manner. The bourgeois media ‘tells’ the working class what to think and how to view events, whilst continuously disempowering that class and preventing the apparatus of the media from being used in a substantive proletariat manner. Where a distinctly leftwing newspaper does exist, it is starved of funds and mainstream exposure, and kept very much on the periphery of the public perception. The irony is that the bourgeois media exists to represent a privileged minority within society that retains political, fiscal and cultural control of society from generation to generation, whilst the leftwing media (although portrayed as a ‘minority’ interest) in fact represents the majority of ordinary people living within a capitalist society. This is the dishonest and topsy-turvy world of the bourgeois media.

The bourgeois media lies all the time as a means to misrepresent what might be called ‘neutral’ events happening in the world, so that these events are presented only from an unquestioned middle class perspective. This might be termed the ‘base lie’ from which all the other dishonesty and sleight of hand emerges. Having established this skewed (and anti-working class) view of reality, it is a simple matter of perceptual manipulation to extend this narrative from a distorted view of material events, to fabrication of immaterial events. Or to describe it another way, the bourgeois practice of ‘inventing’ news stories that have either not existed, not happened as stated, or a combination of both these states. A material fact, for instance, might well be augmented by two immaterial falsehoods, with the falsehoods entirely defining the ‘event’ and steering the minds of those who ‘consume’ the news into a definite direction of interpretation. Of course, another type of reporting involves an entirely fabricated news event, whereby there is no central fact to hang the bourgeois lies from. This type of manipulation has intensified from within the United States since the end of WWII, and usually involves the generation and sustaining of entirely false news narratives designed to interpret world events. Lies for mass consumption issued by the mainstream media, constituting a kind of ‘fact’ religion.

Today, ‘fake’ news refers to the bourgeois practice of issuing entirely ‘false’ news reports, whilst ‘disinformation’ tends to be a ‘misrepresentation’ of a central fact – with both types of distorted news spread more or less instantaneously through social media (via the internet). The Judeo-Christian concept of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ remains a central tenet of the Bourgeois State, with the idea that the working class must be kept in a position of fear and apprehension by some ‘unseen’ or ‘obscure’ enemy – ‘somewhere’ other ‘there’ – and be ready to ‘fight’ for their country if the need arises (warfare is good for capitlism). This is why racism and nationalism are used hand in hand with religious faith as a means to prevent the working class in one country from developing an ‘Internationalist’ class consciousness, and cognitively ‘linking’ with working class people from around the world. Such a transformation would render the Bourgeois State obsolete, and this is why the middle class must keep an iron grip on the mainstream media and prevent any development of Socialist thought within it. Hatred of all difference, coupled with the deliberate misrepresentation of those differences is not only an unnatural state to maintain, but it is unscientific in the sense that it contradicts the driving force behind human evolution.


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