The Barbarism of ‘Ratting’


Rats are clean animals that have adapted to living in the filth that humanity generates. Pet rats, for instance, are renowned as the cleanest of animals because they are kept in pristine environments free of the usual human filth associated with sewers, the rotting waste stored in municipal dumps and land-fill areas, and effluent associated with 24 hour slaughter houses and industrialised farming, etc. Rats are complex social animals that will keep as clean as their environment will allow, therefore the tautology espoused by those perverse and demented individuals that enjoy torturing an animal to death – namely that ‘rats are dirty’ – is nothing but an excuse to display a hateful blood lust toward an animal that does not possess the psychological ability to understand what is going to happen (and avoid it), or the physical ability to fight a pack of vicious dogs deliberately trained to rip it to bits, whilst the intellectually challenged stand by laughing and joking (with their beer-bellies hanging over their belts, with a cigarette in one hand and a can of lager in the other) as the rat’s body is torn asunder, and the rat ‘squeals’ in agony and terror! These ‘ratting’ dogs are trained to attacks things like cats as a preparation for dismembering rats, and are highly aggressive to any small creature – including young children. Whilst hiding the veneer of ‘pest control’, these mentally deficient morons who own these dogs and film the ritualised killing of a living creature, personify the very essence of the cultural poverty that privileges anger and hatred as the ‘norm’ when dealing with other creatures. This is not pest control – but rather the ‘acceptable’ face of fascist endeavour in the UK, and animals are the victims. More than this, however, but these damaged human-beings propagate their psychological state of arrested development to other people, by implying that what they do to rats is ‘civilised’ and ‘acceptable’, when in reality it is neither.  Children are often present at these bloodlettings, and of course, videos of such barbaric behaviour can easily be accessed on social media sites. The point is that if rat populations have to be controlled, it should be carried-out scientifically and humanely – with the idea that the relationship between humans and rats has to be transformed. I was prompted to write this short piece due to a video I was shown of a young person using an air rifle at night, and killing rats for fun on a farm, This activity was filmed and uploaded onto Youtube. A more disturbing video featured a very large and docile rat thought to be a ‘pet’, which was purchased by a group of ‘ratters’ and placed in the centre of a large barn. Under the pretext of ‘pest control’, a pack of five rabid dogs were set upon it. This rat could not fight (despite being the size of a large cat), and appeared to run toward one dog to ‘play’. The dogs broke its back legs and spine so that it could only stand on its front legs. Then, one of the dogs gripped the rat by the neck and all the other dogs began tearing it to pieces. The rat was alive and squealing as all this happened. The mind-set of the humans present was hateful and happy.

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