100 Hundred Years On – How the Capitalist West Denigrated the Soviet Union


The misrepresentation of the history and intent of the Soviet Union (and the Scientific Socialist Movement in general), is one of the greatest academic atrocities and tragedies committed by the British (and European) academic communities, probably since the art of writing and critical thinking began. Particularly disturbing – as I look through various British university books from the 1970’s and 1980’s – is the air of ‘authority’ with which the known lies were presented to the general public, through each new generation of students. From at least 1945, the British academic community – with regard to the ‘objective’ analysis of the history and intent of the Soviet Union – has definitely compromised its integrity, and sold its dignity ‘cheap’ to the American anti-Soviet ideologues! Since probably around 1950, the Soviet history was re-written so as to represent the Truman and the Marshall Plans – both foreign policy ogres of the United States, that facilitated a religious-like fanaticism against the Socialist cause, that equated being a ‘Communist’, to being the devil incarnate! Anyone who visited the Soviet Union in the 1920’s or 1930’s, and who had only praise for what they saw, were undermined by the an establishment that now said that they must have been mistaken in what they saw, and that if they wanted to keep their job and their family, they should ‘officially’ retract these positive statements. Of course, with this kind of fascist incentive, many had no choice but to ‘recant’. This is how the US government and the European academic community concocted an entirely ‘new’ and completely ‘negative’ history of the USSR, that tells more about the dark-side of the psyche of a Christian (capitalist) West, than it tells us about the Soviet Union!

How does this misrepresentation work? First and fore-most, rather like a theological theory, a lack of material evidence is interpreted as ‘proof’ that something a) currently ‘exists’, or b) has ‘existed’ in the past. This is a typical bourgeois ‘faith-based’ approach to ‘inventing’ a purely mythical (and denigrating) history. Of course, this is nothing but the ‘inverted’ mind-set of the bourgeoisie and nothing to do with the secular academics of the modern world. Why then, did the mainstream academic community in the West adopt this essentially illogical, dishonest and incorrect approach demanded by the USA? The answer is simple; despite the surface differences in culture and language throughout the West, the fact remains that all these countries are dominated by the bourgeoisie and the ruthless and exploitative capitalist system it generates and adheres to. If the Western working class were ever inspired by the Soviet experience and success, it would probably rise-up and over-throw the oppressive bourgeoisie and create a ‘new’ Soviet Union in the West. This Workers’ State would eradicate capitalism and develop a fairer Socialist society. At all costs the Western bourgeoisie had to prevent this from happening, and it called upon the irrationality of theistic religious thinking to do the job. In so doing, the concept of ‘good’ had to be transformed into the concept of ‘evil’. The concept of ‘truth’ into the concept of ‘lies’, and the reality of ‘freedom from oppression’, into the myth of the ‘enslavement of humanity’. In fact, the denigration of the Soviet Union, being as false as it obviously is, nevertheless reads like an Old Testament Prophet ranting and raving about the ‘evil’ that defies god – and how the faithful should attack and destroy that evil if they want to continue ‘live’. Something, of course, the Rosenberg’s were not allowed to do, as they lost their lives to the electric chair for daring to oppose capitalism and embrace Socialism!

Arguably one of the greatest achievement of the Soviet Regime (other than the Russian Revolution), was its victory over Nazi German fascism during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). This included all the Northern and Eastern European counties that either openly or indirectly assisted the Nazi German invasion of the USSR, fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. Of course, the fledgling Red Army had already took on and eventually beaten a combined international force of 14 countries (led by Britain, the US and Germany) during the ‘Russian Civil War’ (1918-1921) – an unjust war that saw the British Army commit a well-known atrocity at Baku in 1918. Although Adolf Hitler, Roosevelt and Churchill were on different sides during WWII, they were united in their support for capitalism, and in their hatred for Soviet Socialism. In one way or another, all conspired to destroy the Soviet Regime – but nothing worked. After 1945 a new way was tried. If the USSR could not be materially destroyed, it could be destroyed in reputation (at least outside of the Communist Bloc). This was, in reality an ‘imagined’ defeat of a USSR that never existed. As a consequence, Joseph Stalin was really Adolf Hitler – with Adolf Hitler becoming a misunderstood democrat and voice for freedom and tolerance! Every victory of the Red Army was simply a massacre in disguise, and every real atrocity committed by Nazi German troops in the USSR – was merely acts of self-defence blown out of all proportions by Communist propaganda! Every time Red Army soldiers liberated, fed, protected and befriended the different peoples they encountered (motivated by a Soviet Socialist education), these actions were re-interpreted as the manifest behaviour of the deranged and the insane! When liberated people expressed their gratitude and made positive statements about the USSR, they were attacked and denounced with a fanatical religious zeal!


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