General Qianfeng Daoist Training – Email (6.8.2017)


Dear J
Thank you for your email.
Yes – any form of qigong can be used to build general health. Various forms of Taijiquan or other internal arts – or even external arts (with people practising anything that works for them). Master Zhao Ming Wang (of Beijing) uses a number of Daoist martial arts for building general health – inherited from his great grandfather who studied under a number of different but ‘expert’ masters. In fact, this more general approach also includes any aspect of TCM, and is what might be termed general Chinese (traditional) approaches to maintaining health. These methods possess levels of attainment and depths of penetration in their own right, but remain ‘open’ for all. It is only when embracing a particular Daoist lineage (and taking that lineage seriously) that matters change considerably. However, this understanding should not prevent a practitioner enjoying more general approaches. Stilling the mind and transmitting ‘jing’ are the foundational requirements for serious Qianfeng training – but not everyone in this lineage is able to meet these high standards – but these high standards exist nonetheless. By focusing the mind upon the breath whilst performing qigong exercises is a movement toward the ‘Zhao Family Gate’ – and should be viewed in that light. Of course, there are many different Daoist approaches which are valid in their own right – but I only know about Qianfeng – and even then my knowledge is limited to that which Zhao Bichen taught Charles Luk many years ago. Luckily for me, when discussing these teachings with Master Zhao – he authenticated our lineage in writing (on his blog). Words are only words, of course, and you must not pay me any undue attention. Move on and think for yourself.
Best Wishes

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