Email: Zhao Ming Ming and Niu Sheng Xian (7.8.2017)


Dear J
Thank you for your email.
The important point is to focus the mind in such a way that it does not oscillate between extreme poles of manifestation, but becomes centred in the present moment. Yes – this is a common Ch’an idea – but it is also common-sense. Even in modern science the mind must be focused if progress is to be made in whatever field of investigation is being studied. By bringing the mind to a single-point of concentration, the inner functionings (i.e. the biological processes), become clearer to the perception. If the mind is agitated or distracted, then it is very difficult to perceive the inner processes, and virtually impossible to circulate jing or cultivate advanced qi (vital force). What must also be considered is that if an individual is suffering somekind of ailment or illness, they often undergo some form of medical treatment to alleviate these symptoms BEFORE Daoist training is fully engaged. Master Zhao Ming Wang tends to use various forms of TCM – but I know of Chinese practitioners who also use Western medicine. It does not matter what method is used, providing the condition improves. If a person is physically fit and healthy, then it comes down to the psychological state – is the person polite, respectful and virtuous? These positive inner states denote a certain frequency of psychological functionality that is conducive to ‘looking within’, with the minimum of resorting to selfish ego manifestation that constructs the entire process.
Now, Master Zhao Ming Wang is the current Zhao Family Lineage Holder of the Qianfeng Pre-Natal School for this generation – but he inherited this from a non-Zhao Family Lineage Holder – due to the taboo existing within traditional Chinese Daoism (which forbids a father handing-down a Daoist lineage to a son). This taboo probably stems from the idea that many Daoists are celibate priests that live apart from society. As matters transpired, Zhao Ming Wang inherited the Qianfeng Lineage from Master Niu Sheng Xian – a key disciple of Zhao Bichen (as well as directly from his grandfather Zhao Feng Xian). Master Zhao uses the concept of ‘lineage’ to denote a certain ‘quality of transmitted technical knowledge about Daoism’. in other words, a lineage descendent can be trusted not to be motivated by greed (or any other selfish distraction), and to be motivated entirely by an altruistic compassion. However, this altruistic compassion must not be confused with sentimentalism, or attachment to person or process. Obviously, you may wrote to me as often or as little a you wish.
Residing in the Dao

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