Master Zhao Ming Wang Features our Red Flag! (21.9.2018)

The Daoist teachings, although taught through the reforms of Old Master Zhao Bichen, remain independent and unchanged. I would point out, however, that Mainland China is a Communist country and that Master Zhao Ming Wang is proud of the accomplishments of the Communist Part of China (CPC). The Qianfeng School teaches anyone irrespective of where they are from or regardless of any political views held. This system of interaction is dependent upon virtue and respect. Obviously, if these attributes are lacking, no positive exchange can take place. In the above very kind note, Master Zhao Ming Wang thanks me for my life-long practice and support of the Qianfeng School, and for my ongoing translation work.

Email: Qianfeng and Non-Commercialisation (8.8.2017)

Besides, the net is full of unscrupulous people all claiming to be masters of this or that Daoist system – when you visit their websites, the first thing to be encountered is a price-list! No. True Daoist cultivation developed over thousands of years in China and has never been dependent upon the gross nature of money. This is very much a modern disease. My advice to you is keep your money, sit in a quiet and calm place and follow your breath for awhile and see what happens. 

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