The Pseudo-Science of ‘Dr’ Lissa Rankin – Publicity Over Common-Sense!


The woman in the video link below, is a con artist, possibly insane, and definitely criminal in intent. If you are ill and refuse modern medicine – then you will get worse and if the ailment is severe, you will die. This woman wants you to buy her book and she is willing to propagate a very dangerous New Age myth to convince you to part with your money. Further, as a White middle class woman, she has no respect for the working class, or understanding of their historical conditioning. She does not recognise that poor people are ill because they inherit bad health from their ancestors, and that the only way to eradicate this bad health amongst ordinary people is not to sit there lovingly staring at a crystal – but rather to instigate a system wide and free at the point of use healthcare system. This woman reminds me of those HIV-deniers who were diagnosed with HIV-AIDS and then went around earning a living on the lecture circuit ‘denying’ their diagnosis – until they finally died from the disease! This woman is catering to the rich by perpetuating the myth that will-power can heal illnesses – this is scientifically ridiculous. Modern medicine (or even ancient medicine) exists to cure human beings of their ailments. Positive thinking is fine for people with minor ailments, or who are perfectly healthy, but it is of no use to someone who is already ill and in a bad way. This is just a new form of ‘faith’ healing and should be avoided at all costs. Lissa Rankin has realised that she can earn more money from her rich, middle class clients by selling them a myth, than by treating them in the operating room. The way for society to advance, medicine must be developed to its highest degree, and administered ‘free’ to the populace. Rankin simply diverts away from being a GP to being an amateurish psycho-therapist talking bilge. Of course, as a beneficiary of the unequal and unfair capitalist system, Rankin is not interested in critiquing the capitalist system – which is the psycho-physical basis of ALL modern illnesses. This woman is making money out of other people’s suffering – end of story. Human beings eventually manage to fight-off certain ailments not through faith-healing, but through evolutionary development. Whatever the case, it is science that progresses humanity – and not wishful thinking. The mind does not heal the body – the body heals itself through cause and effect. Quite often changing the physical environment will alter the manner in which the body functions. The mind – being part of the physical body through the brain – is not separate from the body, but is part of the processes of that body. A peaceful environment creates a calm mind and a relaxed body. The mind can cognise and perceive, and allow the individual to pursue healthy lifestyles, or unhealthy lifestyles, but there is no legitimate scientific evidence that it can change physical chemistry by an ‘act of will’. Malfunctioning Body chemistry is altered by medicine, change of lifestyle habit, or change of environment, and nothing else. People get better because their body chemistry changes, and not because they think ‘nice’ thoughts.


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