Why Many Muslims Will Vote for Jeremy Corbyn


London Muslim Alliance

London Muslim Alliance: Peace March – Altab Ali Park – London Bridge (17.6.2017)

On Saturday 17.6.2017), me and my family joined the London Muslim Alliance on a peace march from Altab Ali Park to London Bridge – as a sign of respect for the Grenfell victims, and the victims of the two recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London (in fact, the march ended at the exact place of the London attack on London Bridge – which is now covered in flowers and touching messages). Along the way, I was listening to what the other marchers were saying (we were the only non-Muslims present), and the gist of the conversations were that the Muslim community supports Jeremy Corbyn because his message of ‘social justice’ is fair for everyone. Another reason for this support is because the Tories, the LibDems, (as well as the Tory London Mayor Boris Johnson) have all colluded to shut-down and close the community centres throughout London, a move which has served to cut-off the Muslim community from one another, and the Muslim community from the broader (non-Muslim) communities. I learned that although non-Muslims do not generally visit mosques to ‘socialise’ with Muslims – in the past, local (and secular) community centres have served to bring all communities together within a culturally ‘neutral’ social space. It was believed that Jeremy Corbyn will facilitate the re-opening of these vital community centres which allow Britain’s multicultural communities to peacefully mix together. Of course, one or two expressed LibDem viewpoints – but I did not hear anyone voice support for the Tories. In fact, when I explained that we were Socialist (i.e. ‘Communists’), we were treated with the utmost respect, and told that Islam is a very Socialistic religion – and that Muslims always respect those who support Islam – even if those people are not Muslim! We marched to make a statement to the broader community – condemning racism and advocating multiculturalism and tolerance.

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