The Problem with Zionist Archaeology


International Jewish anti-Zionist Network

White, Zionist, secular Jewish (middle class) men, armed to the teeth, and with the backing of the USA and UK, annexed a large part of Palestine in 1947 (displacing around 800,000 Palestinians, and killing untold others), establishing the modern State of Israel, which was immediately organised around ‘apartheid’ – with the brown-skinned Palestinians being deemed ‘sub-human’, and subject to persecution and pogrom. From that date onward, operating under the lie of ‘self-defence’, the Zionist Israelis have continued to invade and annex any and all land surrounding their original settlement, murdering, maiming and raping as the ‘Israeli Defence Force’ (IDF) expanded its reach. This is the situation today, with an ever-impoverished Palestinian population being forced to live within an ever shrinking geographical area. This is allowed to happen because Israel is an ally of the Eurocentric West, and its presence in the region serves to de-stabilise the Middle East in favour of US and UK foreign policy, ensuring that no ‘Arab’ State can become sufficiently ‘strong’ so as to ‘resist’ the Zionist (imperialist) threat, and military expel it from the region. Within Israel, the Zionists have created a ‘White’ State that mimics its European counter-parts, using a compromised academia that ignores the real historical facts about Zionist Israeli racism, and which perpetuates pseudo-history and lies as facts. In the West, whenever Christian academics attempt to enter the mainstream with their ‘Creationist’ agendas of flat earth and anti-Darwinism, they are immediately exposed and expelled as practising ‘bad’ academics designed to misled the people. This being the case, why does the international academic community continue to entertain Israeli Zionist archaeological studies, which continuously seeks to link contemporary archaeological finds in the ground, with that of a ‘mythical’ biblical narrative that exists only in the Zionist imagination? This type of flawed academia presents the Zionist lie that the State of Israel has always existed, and that the Jewish bible records, preserves and transmits ‘real’ history that is to be taken literally. Archaeological finds in ‘Israel’ are actually more likely to be Palestinian, Roman, Phonetician, or even belong other unknown and non-Jewish civilisations that once occupied the region. There are Western archaeologists who do expose this Zionist lie – but their opinions are side-lined by a pro-Zionist media and the broader apathetic academic community.  The Jewish bible was never designed to be read as actual history, or to be used to interpret the physical world – as I have heard certain non-Zionist rabbis state on numerous occasions. In fact, many Jewish groups and association outside of Israel also reject ‘Zionism’ and do not support the distortion of secular archaeology. The bible is a collection of texts which the Jews believe reveal god’s word, and is an intuitive guide for the (non-Zionist) practitioners of the Jewish religion. It is not a manual premised upon the gathering of ‘objective’ historical fact, and is entirely deficient in this task, and yet on educational programmes broadcast all over the media and internet, one Zionist ‘miracle’ after another is presented to an unquestioning audience, designed to justify Zionist Israel’s murder, maiming and rape of the Palestinian people since 1947. The false conclusion the racist Zionists make, is that everything is okay – because ‘Israel’ has always been here!

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