Jeremy Corbyn Gained Over 12 Million Votes for British Socialism!


I have re-arranged this article – including two new references – but the main point is that Corbyn achieved a 9.6% swing toward Labour – more than Tony Blair in 1997, and just behind Clement Atlee in 1945. He did all this with the Labour Party tearing itself apart (with Blairites versus Leftists), the Zionist lobby trying to get rid of him (because he intends to ‘recognise’ the State of Palestine and hold Israel responsible for its terrorist outrages), and a hostile BBC (and broader media) continuously misrepresenting him at every turn. He succeeded in appealing directly to the British people with a successful Socialist message, and by-passing the self-proclaimed ‘bringers of news’!

The British establishment is trying desperately to keep Jeremy Corbyn from power because he is a Socialist. This is despite the fact that he scored 12,858,652 votes – and yet did not gain an over-all majority in the UK’s first past the post electoral system. In fact, so many votes did Jeremy Corbyn attract as leader, that he scored more than Clement Atlee’s 1945 Labour Government amount of 11,967,746 over-all votes, whilst according to the Independent Newspaper, Jeremy Corbyn’s influence also increased Labour’s share of the vote by 9.6% – the biggest swing to Labour since 1945 (where Clement Atlee secured a 10.4% swing), bigger than even that of Tony Blair in 1997 (which amounted to an 8.8% swing). On a purely Socialist Ticket of re-distributing wealth, Corbyn has thoroughly revived the Labour Party, and despite vitriol from Blairite rightwing Labour MPs, and bias from the mainstream media, has succeeded in steering the Labour Party firmly to the left. Of course, an Al Jazeeza investigation has revealed that Israel financed a ‘Zionist’ coup within the Labour Party, in an attempt to upset Corbyn’s tenure through false allegations of anti-Semitism. Israel has adopted this stance because Jeremy Corbyn has stated that he will quite rightly recognise the ‘State of Palestine’ when he gains political power. Theresa May remains holed beneath the water-line, is dead in the water and is slowly sinking, but nevertheless is being supported by the British State in a manner that would not have been the case if a Labour Party was in the same untenable situation. As a consequence, she is desperately courting a group of democratically elected Christian terrorists in Northern Ireland (the ‘Democratic Unionist Party’), that believe in murdering Catholics, banning homosexuality, and disempowering women – very similar, in fact, to the Western-backed neo-Nazi ‘Madan’ regime in Western Ukraine. What we are seeing here, is nothing less than the machinations of a class war in motion. May wants to continue her mission of privatising the NHS and dismantling the British Welfare State even though she possesses absolutely no mandate to proceed, and that there is no pressure to keep enforcing anti-Socialist EU legislation in the UK. In the meantime, Jeremy Corbyn is wisely biding his time, patiently watching the May camp, and carefully calculating his next move. This is working upon the premise that there is only a finite amount of legal ‘elasticity’ in the British political system, before people starting crying ‘enough is enough’ – and May is forced to call a ‘new’ election, or Jeremy Corbyn is asked to form a government and become a ‘care-taker’ Prime Minister. May’s new government is an Anti-Working Class cabinet of hideous curiosities, that carries the undemocratic message to the British Working Class, that it does not matter who it votes for, or in what numbers, the Bourgeoisie will always impose its rightwing will across the country, and that the Working Class might as well ‘give up’ and never venture out of its dilapidated estates. Never give-in to this bourgeois lie – as it is important for everyone to vote in their best class interests. The UK desperately needs Socialism and Jeremy Corbyn is more than capable to provide it – after-all, the British electorate has already voted for him! On the other hand, Tories under Theresa May had a terrible election that need never have been fought in the first place. However, whereas Corbyn gained around 40% of the popular vote (and 31 extra seats in Parliament), May actually scored higher with around 42% of the popular vote (receiving 13,650,900 votes), but nevertheless lost 12 seats (and her ‘majority’ in Parliament). The reason May has no moral right to rule is that the British media (The Morning Star excepted) supported the Tories (and UKIP), continuously issuing lies and distortions about Jeremy Corbyn (who had to be elected ‘twice’ to the Labour leadership), demeaning the notion of Socialism, and unquestionably supporting the Tories in every move that despicable party made. Exactly the same British media chose to ‘ignore’ the 2016 United Nations (UN) verdict that the Tories and LibDems were Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for the ‘austerity’ measures (since 2010) that had killed between 10,000 and 80,000 people with disabilities! This ruling makes the UK the only European country (outside of Nazi Germany), to have been found guilty of such a crime, but the British media chose to ‘hide’ this news and wherever possible, play it down – calling instead for the UK to withdraw from the Human Rights Convention. The British media could have brought down the Tory monolith in utter disgrace, but instead it chose to be complicit in what amounts to mass murder. This is why the establishment wants to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of power – so that he cannot follow though on his promise of prosecuting anyone in the British media who deliberately violated the ‘impartiality’ laws, and were in practice biased toward the British rightwing.


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