When Jeremy Corbyn was Arrested for Standing-Up to Racism!


In 1984, Jeremy Corbyn was arrested for protesting against apartheid outside South Africa House. in London. When later explaining to Parliament what had happened, Jeremy Corbyn stated that he had not been arrested for ‘obstruction’ which would normally be the case, but rather under the ‘Diplomatic Immunity Act’, specially a clause relating to any behaviour deemed ‘offensive’ by a visiting diplomatic mission. Surprisingly, Jeremy Corbyn was charged and had to appear in Court to answer for his actions. However, as soon as it was established that he had been protesting against the racist regime of South Africa (and had intended to cause as much offence as possible to the White South African government), the Judge exonerated Jeremy Corbyn of any further liability, ordered his release, and that ‘compensation’ be paid to him. Jeremy Corbyn immediately donated this money to the African National Congress (ANC) and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, to be used as a means to continue the struggle.

Details Taken From: Jeremy Corbyn – Leading from the Left: By Nigel Cawthorne (Kindle Edition)

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