UK Voting Defined.


UK voting explained. Those who vote Labour do so because although they possess definite needs and requirements in life, they understand and recognise that others also have needs and requirements, and that we can only progress as a society if we live in a system that benefits everyone. Those of a Tory mind-set vote Conservative because they view life as a race to the finish line, whereby the weak, the sick and the vulnerable are left by the road-side because they do not deserve to win, or even to finish the race. For the Tory, it is only their personal needs and requirements that should be met by society, with everyone else being ‘punished’ for not holding Tory views or subjugating themselves to ‘selfish’ Tory values. Labour voters vote for everyone – whilst Tory voters vote only for themselves. Where do the LibDems fit into this scheme? LibDem voters vote for their own interests (like a Tory), but delude themselves into thinking that they are also voting for the needs of others. The Green Party is Toryism with a trowel. (with the exception of their ‘leftwing’ MP in Brighton).

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