Support Labour – Do Not Share the Telegraph or Daily Mail


To win power it will take a collective effort across the country and in every conceivable way. This means retaining discipline of direction and political coherency. Any weakness or inconsistency will allow the Tories to take advantages and get back into power. One element of appropriate campaigning is to be aware of the kind of links that are shared. For instance, if you share the Telegraph or the Daily Mail – you are directly helping the Tory cause, and with every ‘click’ of the link, money is being raised to finance the Tory Party and directly fight Labour’s campaign. This is not logical and extremely amateurish behaviour that can be prevented by just thinking clearly about the situation. Do not share links from the right-wing press if you support Labour – as it is counter-productive. Do not associate yourself with any groups or individuals that claim to represent Labour – whilst undermining Jeremy Corbyn via the right-wing press.

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