Jeremy Corbyn Achieved Wonders – But Theresa May Lingers Like a Bad Smell!

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Labour has not won the General Election – but the Tories have definitely ‘lost’ in virtually everyway! Jeremy Corbyn has put Socialist politics back on the agenda! He has revived a flagging Labour Party throughout the country – with London turning its back on the Tory Party – and sweeping Labour gains elsewhere. He has done this whilst leading a Labour Party that was tearing itself apart (with the Blairites attempting to scupper Corbyn’s leadership), a British media and press that was biased and pro-rightwing, and a Tory lead in the polls of 20 points! We now have a ‘hung’ Parliament with Labour back to 2010 levels of popularity. He might well yet serve as Prime Minister! The good news is that UKIP has been wiped-out!

Theresa May has stated she will not resign as Prime Minister despite a disastrous campaign (one of the most inept on record) and what can only be described as an utter failure in result. To continue to rule the UK – she is entering into a coalition with the Northern Irish DUP – which advocates ‘loyalist’ terrorism against the Republic of Ireland! Although Jeremy Corbyn did not win the 2017 General Election, he has led a resurgent Labour Party that has gained so many seats purely on a Socialist ticket, that the Tory power base has been well and truly ‘smashed’ by the democratic process. Of course, there is now talk of another election to decide this matter, and all Labour supporters must girdle their loins and be prepared to enter the fray yet again in the name of the Working Class!

Staunch Labour supporters are happy with the result – although disappointed that an outright victory has not been achieved – but the Blairites are definitely ‘distressed’ that Jeremy Corbyn’s Socialist message has started to eclipse their neo-liberal agenda! It is interesting to witness Blairites (apparently representing ‘Labour’) on the various chat shows – in complete agreement with their Tory and LibDem counter-parts, condemning Labour’s resurgence, and accusing Jeremy Corbyn of ‘extremism’ and trying to shift the blame to him for Labour not winning the election. Of course, the BBC and the like, suffering from their usual short-term memory loss, remain silent over the recent and viscous Blairite propaganda campaign, which was designed to character assassinate Jeremy Corbyn, and disparage his Socialist message. Onething is for sure, ignoring the resurgence of Socialism in the UK, will be ignoring the will of a significant proportion of the British people.


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