The Tories In-Bed with DUP (Terrorist) Trotskyites!


In 1938, Leon Trotsky called for the victory of International Fascism over the democratic (and capitalist) West, and the (Communist) Soviet Union, claiming that such a victory (led by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan) would be advantageous for the oppressed masses of the International Working Class.  This skewed approach to Revolutionary thinking marked the extent to which Trotsky had deviated away from Marx and Engels, and Marx and Lenin, becoming a stooge for the International bourgeoisie. Trotsky, still smarting from the fact that he had lost a power-play to unseat Joseph Stalin (and had been expelled from the USSR for his treachery), had been courted by the capitalist West, and encouraged to manufacture a fake ‘leftist’ ideology that supported capitalism and fascism, whilst pretending to ‘resist’ in the name of the Workers. Trotskyites (who often refer to themselves as ‘Socialists’ or ‘Unionists’ (in mimicry of their genuine Marxist-Leninist counter-parts), can manifest their sabotaging function in a remarkable number of disguises and political movements. Trotskyite movements pursue the central goal of ‘mis-representing’ and ‘dis-empowering’ the Workers whist pretending to do the exact opposite  The so-called ‘Democratic Unionist Party’ (DUP) of Northern Ireland is just one such Trotskyite manifestation, that pursues a ‘race-hate’ campaign against the citizens of the Republic of Ireland, (a country that freed itself from British colonial tyranny by following the path of Marxist-Leninist Revolution), and the members of which view themselves as ‘British’ and not ‘Irish’, with the party routinely pursuing a policy of maintaining good relations with the various far-right political groupings of the Mainland UK that refer to themselves as representing the ‘White Supremacy Movement’. Therefore, the DUP is a party of White Supremacy elected into power in Northern Ireland a bigoted minority of Protestant Christians, and as such is antagonistic to Black and Asian people, and rejects the very notion of ‘multiculturalism’. Although the Conservative Party is undoubtedly ‘racist’ to its very core, its corresponding hypocrisy and inability to tell the truth, often means that it pays at least lip-service to the idea of multiculturalism, even though many of its members also support other fascist groups such as UKIP, BNP, EDL, or the NF, etc. By aligning herself with the DUP, Theresa May is attempting to finish the privatisation of the NHS and the dismantling of the Welfare State – whilst also (and rather sinisterly) ‘rejecting’ the principle of ‘multiculturalism’ in the UK.  This attitude demonstrates, that for the Tory voters at least, the vote in support of Brexit was racially motivated and a signal for the Conservatives to ‘end’ the toleration of ‘difference’ within the UK. In the meantime, in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in the UK – the DUP advocate and pursue a campaign of ‘armed’ aggression (i.e. ‘terrorism’) against citizens of the Republic of Ireland – and any Catholics living in Northern Ireland. This is the type of people the Tory Theresa May has invited to help her ‘run’ the UK

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