Kim Jong Un: The Importance of Women in the Revolution (9.12.2014)


Kim Jong Un: With Women Activists of the Korean People’s Army

On December 9th, 2014, North Korean news reported that the ‘Supreme Leader’ – Kim Jong Un (金正恩) – together with his esteemed wife – Ri Sol Ju (李雪主) – gathered with Members of the General Assembly, to inspect Women Soldiers of the Korean People’s Army, that comprise the ‘Family Art Performance Group’ (a unit of married women, many of whom have children of their own), during one of their excellent performances. Kim Jong Un stated in a speech that women are a very important attribute of the Revolution, and that every woman soldier in the Korean People’s Army must be considered a ‘national daughters-in-law’. After the performance, Kim Jong Un posed photographs with the troops.





Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD)

Chinese Language Reference:

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