US Cold War Disinformation: Operation Infektion


In the Russian language, the equivalent of the English word ‘infection’ is ‘инфекцион’, which is rendered into the English alphabet as ‘infeksion’. This is the first contextual problem with the so-called ‘Operation Infektion’ that is prevalent in the West, has its own dedicated Wikipage (as if it were ‘true’), and has its origins entirely within US Cold War (Anti-Soviet) propaganda. In fact, in the Russian language, ‘Operation Infektion’ would be written ‘Операции инфекцион’, and yet nowhere in the English wiki article is this Russian term to be found. This is not surprising, as this wiki article  does contain one Russian language reference – either popular or academic – to substantiate its bizarre claims. Its only source stems from a single American book entitled ‘Operation INFEKTION – Soviet Bloc Intelligence and Its AIDS Disinformation Campaign’ by Thomas Boghardt (2009) – a fantasy novel that peddles science and political fiction – presented as ‘fact’. This work of fiction suggests that the Soviet KGB initiated a ‘disinformation’ campaign against the USA, which suggested that the HIV Virus was manufactured by the CIA and ‘tested’ on an unsuspecting American public (namely the ‘Gay’ community and drug addicts). On the face of it, this is not as absurd as it first seems, as the CIA (through MKUltra and other hidden programmes) deliberately infected US (and other) populations with various diseases and experimental compounds (as a means to ‘test’ efficacy). There is even the allegation that the US dropped biological weapons over China and Korea during the Korean War (1950-1953), and there was a case in France (in the early 1950’s) where a village (with a Socialist-leaning administration) was plagued with bizarre physical and psychological illnesses for a time – thought to have stemmed from the CIA planting LSD in the local bread supply. Given the obvious criminality of the CIA throughout its history, the idea that its inhuman programmes could have created a ‘new’ disease or plague is not that far-fetched, but in this instance, there are no Soviet era, or modern Russian language records suggesting that the KGB deliberately initiated a propaganda exercise to blame the US in the manufacturer of the HIV Virus. Although many US conspiracy theorists talk of Pravda or Tass news articles appearing in the Soviet Union stating that the US created HIV, in fact no such articles are evident in Russian language sources today, and may be judged as ‘not existing’. At a time when modern Russia is satiated with the nonsense of the bourgeois imagination (imported from the West after 1991), and given that Russians now discuss all kinds of conspiracy theory, none participate in the discussion of the Soviet Union ‘blaming’ the US for HIV – even when they indulge the equally bizarre idea that HIV might not be’ real’! There was no ‘Operation Infektion’ and its narrative originates entirely within the imagination of the Western bourgeois psyche.

Russian Language Reference:Вирус_иммунодефицита_человека (contemporary scientific research) (Discussion – HIV does not exist) (Where Did HIV Come From? Not one mention of the US) (Pravda Explains HIV – no mention of the US)

English Language Reference: (false propaganda)

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