RIP Chinese Victims of Elliot Rodger (2014)

Parents of Murder Victims: (Left to Right) Mr Chen Junan [陈君安}, Mrs Kelly Wang (王), Mrs Liu Jinshuang (刘锦双), & Mr Wang Zhangshuang
Family Shrine for George Chen (乔治·陈)
Wang Weihan (王维汉) & Mother
Mother of George Chen (Left) & Mother of Wang Weihan (Right)

Many people of different ethnicities were murdered by the deranged son of a multimillionaire film director, during May 2014. A certain number of the 21 victims (6 killed and 15 wounded) were of Chinese ethnicity (perhaps as many as 8). What is disturbing about the three Chinese young men killed by Elliot Rodger in his luxurious flat in Santa Barbara, was that somehow he managed to over-power all of them, and kill each with multiple stab-wounds. Later, he either hit others with his car on the street, or shot them, but the beginning of his killing spree has left many questions. The parents of the Chinese men killed in Elliot Rodger’s flat are understandably heart-broken and devastated. Together, they stated that the US media was more interested in how Elliot Rodger’s famous father was coping with the tragedy, rather than the fact that it was their children that had been brutally ‘murdered’ by a deranged young man suffering from delusions of grandeur and racist attitudes toward Chinese people. The Chinese parents stated that it is the responsibility of the parents to look after their children and protect them from society – and society from them  – if they are psychologically disturbed. Parents in the West often leave their children to do as they please and this can lead to all kinds of social problems – and even tragedies that could have been avoided.  Whereas Barbara Walters spent hours on CBS quizzing Peter Rodger – the families of the Chinese victims were treated as second class citizens, being given a short-time to express their grief and generally treated with disrespect. The family of murder victim Hong Chengyuan (洪晟元) were absent from proceedings, as they had returned to China to respectfully spread the ashes of their son.

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