Karl Marx Reborn in China…


During October, 2013, a stir was caused along the city wall of Xi’an (Northwest China), when Chinese citizens spotted a Western man who looked around 80 years old, and to be the rebirth of the great Karl Marx! Chinese people began to gather around this distinguished looking elderly gentleman who possessed long white hair and a long white beard. Although a sizeable crowd of Chinese people (of all ages) gathered around this man (many bowing out of respect), this foreign man stood with dignity and the wisdom of age. He smiled gently whilst occasionally shaking hands that were offered. A police officer came over to investigate what he thought was a kind of ‘disturbance’ and was astonished to see who he thought was Karl Marx!  Some Chinese people had tears in their eyes as they said that Karl Marx had been reborn in China! When the police officer explained (in English) what was happening, this distinguished gentleman smiled and said that he was an American of 61 years old, and a great admirer of Chinese culture and history. He further added that he had been treated very well whilst in China, and had the greatest respect for the Chinese people. When asked if he was ‘Karl Marx’ he simply smiled and did not deny it…

Original Chinese Language Article:



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