From Bound-Feet to Walking on Mars -How Chinese Women Will Conquer Space!


The Space Programme of modern ‘Communist’ China is forging ahead with its development, and will soon transcend that of the US and even the former USSR. As China’s Socialist economy continues to out-grow and out-perform its Western capitalist counter-part, China’s technological progression is leaving the rest of the world behind. The combined might of capitalist America and Europe has no answer, as its boom and bust economies simply do not allow for a sustained technological development in any given direction. Even ‘modern’ capitalist Russia has no answer, but remains a space-power simply on the grounds of its former Soviet past, and the outstanding accomplishments of that Communist regime.


Sending cosmonauts into Earth =-orbit and bringing them safely back own to developing Moon and Mars probes, are all preparations in China for the designing of a manned space mission possibly to the Moon, but definitely to Mars. The current thinking in China is that Chinese female cosmonauts will make these journeys as a powerful Communist statement against the thousands of years of feudalism in China that kept Chinese women oppressed, abused and many in the despicable state of having the crippling ‘bound’ feet. Not only this, but Chinese women know that women living within the capitalist West are not yet ‘free’ and still suffer persecution and abuse. It is intended that perhaps a ‘single’ brave Chinese female cosmonaut will make the perilous six month journey to Mars, land on the planet, carry-out specified tasks, and then return safely to Earth. On the practical front, a woman will be generally lighter in weight than a man – and will in theory be easier to send.


Nevertheless, although many people outside of China hold racist and misogynist views about Chinese people (and Chinese women), and hate the notion of Chinese Communism, when this brave Chinese (woman) cosmonaut finally leaves Earth’s orbit on the way to Mars, her bravery will be universally acknowledged, and the hatred that fuels anti-Chinese racism and xenophobia will be replaced with a respect that unites the world!


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