Karl Marx (1818-1883) Last Words


41 Maitland Park (Marx Residence 1875-1883)

Marx (who was living at 41 Maitland Park, London, NW) was sat upstairs in his favourite armchair by a fire to keep warm (with his feet in a mustard-bath), awaiting the arrival of his lifelong friend Friedrich Engels. When Engels arrived (at around 2:30pm) on Wednesday, the 14th of March, 1883, there was a commotion in the Marx family home.  He was met by ‘Lenchen’ (i.e. Helene Demuth) – the long-term live-in house-keeper (and possibly mother of Marx’s son Freddy Demuth) – who informed him that Marx had slipped into a ‘half-sleep’.


In the one or two minutes it took Engels and Demuth to get upstairs – Karl Marx had passed away sat-up in his armchair. Although I have read a number of biographies about Karl Marx, none have specifically mentioned last words. However, further research suggests that Karl Marx uttered the following ‘final’ words to his house-keeper Helene Demuth sometime before Engels arrived:

Karl Marx: “Go on, get out. Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.”


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