Teach Socialism Not Food-Banks


Capitalist supermarkets in the UK backed the Tory and LibDem policy of vicious Welfare cuts (on the false assumption that their rate of tax would fall), and now demand that their customers ‘buy’ food from them, and then ‘donate’ it ‘freely’ to an in-store ‘food-bank’. This is surely the forces of capitalism taking the piss. Big businesses deprive millions of a basic level of living, and then through the pretence of concern for their victims, attempt to ‘sell’ the antidote to an unsuspecting public. British school children are then told in their ‘academies’ that it is the ‘right-thing’ to ‘buy’ food from the supermarkets (who have caused the problem), and ‘donate’ it freely to local food-banks! This particular deception is held in-place by the re-emergence of hypocritical Christian morality from a Church of England that deals in arms, and institutionally supports the suffering that is ‘austerity’. Instead of supporting food-banks, these entities should be supporting the principle of a fully re-instated Welfare State and advocating a radical re-distribution of wealth. This ‘Socialist’ response to the excesses of capitalist greed is the only valid and correct ideological response. Our school children should be taught to ‘share’, and that ‘greed’ is detrimental to a modern and progressive society.

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