The Green Party: Bourgeois Horticulture as National Policy


It is laughable how anyone still thinks the Green Party is of any use whatsoever for providing justice for the poor, vulnerable, disabled and ordinary workers. By and large, the Green Party is a bourgeois institution thoroughly in the very same hypocritical middle class values that underlies Toryism. Wherever Green Councillors have been elected in the UK they have generally sided with the Tories and LibDems, and implemented the most vicious ‘austerity’ cuts across local services. In the Torbay area – the Green Party had a truce with racist UKIP in the summer of 2015, during an anti-austerity march in the area – a policy initiated by the national leader of the Green Party – Natalie Bennett – following her failure to secure anymore Parliamentary seats at the last UK General Election (2015).

Greens Could Work with UKIP

In the US there is always the pretence of ‘democracy’ and ‘choice’ in their national elections, but this is a sham.  What it boils down to is the historical racism and anti-working class policies of the Democrats, or the existential racism and anti-working class policies of the Republicans – nothing more.  The US Green Party is trying to package itself as somekind of legitimate alternative, but in reality this is just another ‘White’ bourgeois political party with an interest in horticulture, and preserving the Eurocentric status quo.

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