Quadrangle of Evil: Wikipedia, Lady Gaga, the Guardian and the Dalai Lama


Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Germanotta, and she is of Italian Catholic descent. She is a multimillionaire and her behaviour is that of a class enemy of the people.  She has made her fortune in the record industry, and has been embroiled in a number of legal battles involving alleged fraud associated with her so-called ‘charity’ work, and she is famous for refusing to help the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.  As she has her own cosmetic line, she supports animal testing, and opposes Animal Rights.  Her Wiki page can be read here:

Lady Gaga – Wiki

In 2015, the Catholic Germanotta met the 14th Dalai Lama in the US under the pretext of ‘studying’ Buddhism.  Just why a highly controversial and unelected dissident leader (and a fading pop-star) were invited to a Conference of US Mayors has never been adequately or convincingly explained.  This is how Germanotta’s Wiki page describes evets:

‘On June 26, 2016, Gaga attended the 84th Annual US Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis where she joined with Dalai Lama to talk about the power of kindness and how to make the world a more compassionate place. The Chinese government added Gaga to a list of hostile foreign forces, and Chinese websites and media organizations were ordered to stop uploading or distributing her songs. The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CCPPD) also issued order for State-controlled media to condemn this meeting.’

What is interesting about Eurocentric, anti-Chinese racism is its manic and illogical nature.  A statement that appears within Western media about China, if it is true, should originate from a Chinese language media source, but in the case of the above (obviously fabricated) extract, the Wiki author(s) simply state that this information was acquired from the British bourgeois-left Guardian newspaper – and not a Chinese language source after-all.  The Guardian did not acquire this information from a Chinese language source either, for reasons that will become apparent.  It is common place for Western newspapers to support the Dalai Lama’s distorted and dishonest interpretation of Chinese and Tibetan history, as well as his often inaccurate and occasionally ‘bizarre’ interpretation of Buddhism.  This is part of the on-going US Cold War policy designed to bring-down the Chinese Communist State by any means at its disposal – with lying through the media being a preferred method because it is cheap.  Most Westerners cannot read, write or speak the Chinese language, and as a general rule, have no idea how to access the (Mainland) Chinese language internet.  This is how the Western media gets away with its anti-China racism and false-flag stories.  Lady Gaga is not, and has never been ‘banned’ in Communist China, and neither has any mention or reference to her pop career been erased from the Chinese internet.  In fact, her meeting with the Dalai Lama, although criticised by her Chinese fan base, is nevertheless available for all to read.  I provide below the ‘Baidu’ Chinese internet page that carries hundreds, if not thousands of entries for Lady Gaga – referenced through the photographs that accompanying the articles:

lady gaga 达赖喇嘛

It is obvious that the Guardian, Wikipedia, Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama are colluding in thir collective lying.  However, I translate below a typical Chinese language article dealing with Lady Gaga’s later communication with the Dalai Lama (which occurred a full 20 days AFTER the news article reported in the Guardian) as reported in the Chinese media, the implications of which have been ignored in the West (as this would expose the ‘lie’ of Lady Gaga being ‘banned’ in China).  This article is dated the 16.7.2016:

‘The popular US female singer Lady Gaga attracted widespread criticism from her internet fan-base in China recently, when she invited the Dalai Lama to officiate over her wedding to US actor Taylor Ginny.  Particularly after the Dalai Lama ‘accepted this invitation’ without hesitation.  The US Inquirer website stated that following her meeting with the Dalai Lama at the end of June, many of her fans in China were shocked by her behaviour and anti-China comments, and have stopped supporting her, leading to much criticism on the Chinese internet.  This US website also speculated that her behaviour might lead to her being ‘banned’ in China.  Whatever the case, her deliberate anti-China comments have led to an over-night collapse of her popularity in China. 

The French media, and many other Western media outlets, reported that officials of China’s Foreign Ministry stated with regard to Lady Gaga’s meeting with the Dalai Lama at the end of June, that they did not know who Lady Gaga was, but were hopeful that the West would become aware of the true and deceptive nature of the Dalai Lama, and not trust his statements or behaviour..

Original Chinese Language Source Text:


美国流行女歌手Lady Gaga被爆近日邀请达赖喇嘛主持她与美国男星泰勒·金尼的婚礼,达赖已“接受邀请”。此事引发中国网民强烈批评。

美国《生活与生活方式》杂志13日援引一名消息人士的话称,为配合达赖的日程,Lady Gaga把婚期调整到秋天,婚礼举办地可能在印度或泰国。该人士还称,“Lady Gaga最近在钻研佛教”。美国因奎西特尔网站报道说,Lady Gaga6月底在网上直播见达赖,就曾在中国网民中引起众多负面评价。Lady Gaga在中国拥有众多粉丝,她的行为或许还会导致她今后在中国被“禁演”。这一次,不少中国粉丝表示要“抛弃”Lady Gaga。一些粉丝在网上说,“失望了,爱不起了”“以前那么喜欢Gaga,现在看来算了,粉转黑”。

法新社等多家外媒此前称,中国外交部发言人6月底被问及Lady Gaga见达赖一事时表示不认识Lady Gaga,希望国际社会认清达赖的真实面目和本质。


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