1993: The Year the Soviets Fought Back!


St. Petersburg, Russia: Rally in memory of the heroes of October ‘93

Make no mistake about it, the USSR was destroyed by the Trotskyite Nikita Khrushchev who ascended to power in 1956 and immediately set about destroying the Soviet Union from within by unjustly attacking Comrade Joseph Stalin – who had correctly interpreted and applied Marxist-Leninism during his time in power – which included successfully leading the USSR against the Nazi German invasion – the Soviet effort being the main component in the defeat of German and Japanese fascism.  The Soviet people lost 27-40 million dead in this disastrous ‘Great Patriotic War’ (1941-45), whilst the West held their forces back to see what would happen (it is a matter of public record that the British Churchill admired Adolf Hitler). The ‘ahistorical’ lies told by Khrushchev about Stalin match exactly the lies propagated by the American CIA.  The modern academic research by Prof. Grover Furr entitled ‘Khrushchev Lied’ decisively prove that Khrushchev’s utterances were nothing but lies.  However, even at the time of Khrushchev lies, the British-Russian BBC correspondent – Alexander Werth – who had covered the Soviet victory in WWII on the frontline, spent his life exposing the Western propaganda lies about the USSR, and Khrushchev’s  disinformation.  Werth was fluid in in spoken and written Russian and directly quoted Russian language sources the West preferred to ignore.  This deception eventually led to the rise of Mikhail Gorbachev in the mid-1980’s, who immediately began the process of dismantling the Soviet system, and handing it to the capitalists.  The West over-saw this process from both the outside and the inside (through their agents, sympathisers and other capitalist supporters).  In 1993, however, the Russian people rose-up in support of Communism in Russia, and immediately clashed with the new ‘capitalist’ police (in Moscow – heroically besieging the Parliament building).  How did this ‘new’ Western-style liberal democracy (controlled by Boris Yeltsin) respond to this popular manifestation of people power?  By ordering its forces to open fire on the protesters – a response backed by the UK and USA (two of the prominent Western regimes that had previously accused the USSR of ‘repressing’ its people).  The ‘new’ capitalist country of modern Russia began its days with a massacre – killing at least 1,500 unarmed Communist men, women and children for daring to stand-up to the tyranny of the West, and acting in support of the International Working Class. Many of the men who comprised these paramilitary forces were infact foreign mercenaries from the West co-opted into the ranks to ensure the killing of all those who opposed capitalism in Russia. The rallying cry of the Soviet heroes was the re-establishment of the USSR and a return to the days of proper Marxist-Leninism as exhibited by Joseph Stalin. The bourgeoisie (which had only just won-back exploitative control of the Russian people) was willing to murder those very same people to retain its prize, so it could continue to plunder the Workers’ State with impunity.  Of course, the Trotskyites (who laughingly refer to themselves as ‘Marxists and ‘Socialists’) in the West welcomed the collapse of the USSR and the re-establishment of capitalism – referring the 1993 heroes as ‘misled’ and ‘confused’.  Marxist-Leninists around the world must remember the suffering of the Soviet people on October 3-4 of each year.  Western academia – still enmeshed in the flawed methodology of Cold War propaganda – plays-down the atrocity (by ignoring it) referring to the entire episode as a ‘Constitutional Crisis’.  Of course, this approach is entirely racist and seeks to ‘write-out’ of history any out-pouring of popular support for the Communist Revolution.  Today, the West is seeking to destroy self-rule and self-determination in Russia, with the intention of turning the country into a ‘colonised’part of the US-controlled European Union (EU) – probably administered by the United Nations (UN).

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