Racist BBC Attacks Air China (8.9.2016)


Anti-Chinese racism in the West has existed for hundreds of years, and it does not look like abating anytime soon, fuelled as it is by a continued US Cold War rhetoric designed to bring-down the sovereign State of Communist China.  Most, if not all European countries practice a form of anti-Chinese racism that sees the Chinese people presented in mass media as racially, politically, economically, socially, culturally and religiously ‘inferior’ to any form of Western culture.  This type of casual racism ticks along in the background of all local, national and international events, and is particularly vitriolic in the US, where every conceivable act of subterfuge is used to bring down Communist China, and convert it into a capitalist enclave, controlled by the bourgeoisie.  On occasion, as a tactic to camouflage this ‘anti-Chinese’ racism, Chinese people born in the West (and who are subject to anti-Chinese racism from their ‘White’ colleagues) are recruited as ‘front’ men and women for the White establishment.  The recent BBC-led spat over an allegedly ‘racist’ in-flight magazine article stating that Black and Asian areas of London have high crime rates, and tourists should be careful visiting these places, has sparked the anti-Chinese Western media to spread articles yet again accusing the non-White people of China as being as racist as the ‘White’ establishment undoubtedly is.  Chinese people, like Black and Asian people are collectively the victims of White racism, and the White establishment is continuously seeking to ‘separate’ and ‘divide’ Black, Chinese and Asian people from coming together to form a united front against historically generated White racism.  The White establishment neither acknowledges its own continued racism, and never apologises for any of the racist incidents it generates – as it is doing now with Air China.  It is the White establishment that is racist and the Chinese people – the historical victims of that racism.  Chinese language source articles state that Air China did not write or publish the in-flight ‘China-Wings’, which is published by a separate firm that specialises in supplying in-flight magazines across the world and in different languages.  The magazine has apologised for a very poor translation and a deficient Chinese language text (which has been subsequently withdrawn) – but the BBC and other US media sources are ignoring this information and are continuing to imply that Air China is representing a Chinese government position.  It is important for White racists to give the false impression that all ‘non-White’ ethnic groups are all as equally racist as Europeans, when in fact only White Europeans perpetuate ‘White’ racism to their own ethnic advantage.  This misleading blue-print can be seen in all far-right political rhetoric.  If White racism is believed to exist in the communities of its victims, then that racism is assumed as ‘legitimised’ in the minds of the White racist.  The very same media that trumpets anti-Chinese racism says nothing when ethnic (or vulnerable) groups are attacked in the West by White racists or their lackeys.  Instead of Black and Asian people joining with White racists to attack China, they should reject White racism and join together with the Chinese people to fight and defeat White racism wherever it arises.

提示被指种族歧视 国航:已撤 不代表国航观点


提示被指种族歧视 国航:已撤 不代表国航观点

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