Chinese: In and Out of Britain


An interesting fact: UK Governments of the past have ethnically cleansed their own British Chinese populations twice in the 20th century.  Both of these times occurred after a major British military success, when a rightwing nationalism swept the realm, imbued with a rabid racialisation (premised upon the pseudo-science of Social Darwinism) , that portrayed a true British person as ‘White’, and ‘White’ only. This linked victory on the battlefield with an assumption of ‘White’ racial superiority.  Following the imperialist Great War of 1914-1918, the scapegoat for this rancid nationalism was the Chinese population of the UK.  The government of the day, encouraged by public opinion and the rightwing press, incredibly ordered the British army to round-up 20,000 Chinese people and forcibly deport them to China on ships.  Many of these Chinese men had been used as labourers in the British trenches of WWI.  Following the war against fascism of 1939-1945, the UK Government rounded-up around 1,200 Chinese men from around East London, who were also put onto ships sailing to a war-torn China.  After successfully fighting the fascism of Japan, Italy and Nazi Germany, the British ‘Labour’ Government resorted to the fascist policy of ethnically cleansing their Chinese population – when China was an ally of the West during WWII!.  It was unchecked Eurocentric, White racist nationalism that revelled in the destruction of war, that led directly to the expulsion of innocent Chinese populations from the UK. In recent times, the New Labour Government of Tony Blair declared ‘racism’ to be a legitimate expression of freedom of speech in the UK.  This has led to the ‘mainstreaming’ of racist ideology and racist rhetoric throughout the UK media, with its victims being Black, Brown and Yellow.

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