US: White People Killed More Cops in 2016


I read a report that states that by mid-May this year (2016) 71% of all police fatalities in the USA were perpetuated by White people.  This means that 29% of all police fatalities up to mid-May 2016 were perpetuated by individuals in the USA representing all the different ethnic, cultural and religious groups deemed ‘non-White’.  The same report states that when compared to the same time period last year (2015) the number of police officers killed on duty was up 59%. The US government does not currently record data regarding how many US citizens are killed each year by US police officers, but a number of independent monitoring groups collect and interpret this information.  The number of US citizens killed in 2015 by the US police stands at around 1200 (the number varies slightly up or down depending upon interpretation and method of collection, etc). (No US police officers were ‘convicted’ for these killings.) The largest single group killed is that of White people with around 511, as compared to 574 Black and Minorities, and 107 deemed ‘undetermined’.  Black men between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised 15% of those killed by police in 2015, despite making up just 2% of the total US population.  This means that Black men of this age group are five times more likely to be killed by the US police, than White men the same age.  This implies that young Black men are deliberately targeted by the US police system, and the assumption is that this targeting is racially motivated.  The US police kill Black men because it is assumed that they are committing, or intend to commit a crime. Due to the oppression and repression historically aimed at the African-American community in the US, Black people have been forced to internalise all the anger and hatred aimed at them through White racism, and they have learned the hard way that if they outwardly ‘fight-back’ they will be individually and communally punished by the White community that holds all the political power in the US.  However, the White working class, although oppressed by the White middle class, have not suffered the dehumanisation process of being institutionally enslaved, and then deemed ‘non-human’ by the enslavers.  This means that ordinary White people in the US retain their fighting spirit and react to police bullying and brutality with aggressive and fatal responses.  I suspect that the US media, controlled as it is by the White (racist) middle class, does not report that the White working class is fighting back against police brutality, because it does not want to be seen as contributing to encouraging the White working class in its resistance against the oppressive police, as every working class person knows that the police exist as an institution to protect the wealthy middle class from the impoverished working class.  The US media hides the fact that the White working class is fighting back against the police, and instead focuses the world’s attention upon the behaviour of Black and Minority Peoples.  Excluding the White working class from the mainstream media is just another example of the disempowerment it suffers at the hands of the White middle class.  The point is to divide and conquer and prevent the oppressed White working class joining with the Black working class and creating a ‘united front’ against police brutality and White middle class oppression.


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