Progressive (Non-Trotskyite) Left Wins – UK Votes to Leave EU (2016)!


As results suggest a win for the progressive (non-Trotskyite) left by around 52% – 48% in favour of the UK leaving the European Union (EU), entirely new battles loom.  The progressive leftwing battle against Trotskyism, capitalism, and the revisionist middle class entities of the Labour, Tory and LibDem Parties must always continue without a break.  The battle to eradicate racism and xenophobia must be continued against the British far-right such as the murderous Britain First, UKIP, BNP, EDL, NF and other fascist movements, groups and tendencies.  The immediate task, however, is to understand that the capitalist system will immediately begin its counter-campaign of greed and fear to reverse this vote, and encourage this slim margin of victory to be ground-down into a slim margin to ‘stay’ in the EU – it is happening already with even the Guardian newspaper focusing on the strength of the pound, rather than on the victory of people power over big business.  Expect the pressure to mount, with one or two superficial changes thrown in to sweeten the bitter pill.  David Cameron will probably resign, and there are doubts about Jeremy Corbyn – the leader of the Labour Party – who campaigned all his life against the EU, but soon changed his tune when he became leader of the bourgeois Labour Party.  I suspect that the capitalist powers that be will not tolerate this defiance of their hegemony by the ordinary people they exploit, and will take swift action to ‘negate’ this result to the detriment of the British people.  Democracy does not run the West – capitalism does – and this will be seen soon enough.  Liberal democracy is a bourgeois sham designed to keep predatory capitalism in place – whenever the democratic process threatens the existence of capitalism, the forces of capital move swiftly to defeat it.  This is a pattern repeated continuously in the ‘democratic’ West.  Stay tuned for the next defeat of ‘democracy’ by ‘capital’ and the institutional ‘denial’ this will be met with!  If all goes to script, the UK will remain in the EU, the democratic process will be over-turned, and capital will have its way.  Still, it has been fun pretending we have genuine rights!

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