NHS Privatisation: Personal Data Harvesting! (21.6.2016)

When NHS patients are referred by their GPs to ‘private’ hospitals in the local area, this save the GP practice money, as there is no prescription being issued (and no expensive drugs).  The GPs are basically moving the ‘problem’ onward and away from their responsibility.  When a ‘private’ appointment is made, the NHS patient receives a ‘private’ letter from the hospital designed for the medical insurance industry.  As healthcare has been free since 1948 in the UK, many NHS patients find this experience disconcerting, as these letters suggest that a ‘charge’ is being incurred (as indeed it usually is for feeing paying patients).  However, when a private hospital is accessed by an NHS patient, the letter received states that in this instance ‘there will be no fee’.  Private hospitals (fuelled as they are by the insurance industry), are currently on a massive Public Relations exercise preparing the general public for the transition from ‘free’ to ‘paid’ health services.  As the NHS descends into a shambolic chaos (due to its governmental financial and material foundation being ‘cut’ and permanently dismantled), private hospitals are attempting to demonstrate just how ‘superior’ and ‘hassle free’ their establishments, as a means to inoculate NHS patients to the idea of ‘paying’ for healthcare.  The deception does not stop here.  When an NHS patient is confirmed as accessing a private hospital at the expense of the tax-payer, they are sent a ‘health declaration’ form that asks the volunteer to provide all their ‘confidential’ information currently retained on GP Records – or their ‘private’ appointment will be cancelled. DO NOT fill-out these forms.  The reason ‘private’ hospitals are asking for this information is because they do not, as yet, have access to GP Records, and need the patient to ‘volunteer’ it.  This ‘confidential’ medical information, once acquired by the ‘private’ hospital, is then immediately ‘shared’ with medical insurance firms that build-up a profile about each patient concerned, (without that patient’s prior knowledge or consent), which is used ‘secretly’ in ‘risk assessment’ as and when that patient opts-out of the NHS system.  Private medicine is highly exploitative of the people it serves, and gaining ‘free’ information from unsuspecting NHS patients is a serious issue.  Refuse ‘private’ appointments and insist upon ‘free’ NHS treatment.  Do not ‘give away’ your confidential information to those who do not care about you, and who will use it against your best interests.

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