Wikipedia Suppression of Knowledge


I am always suspicious of knowledge gatherers that spell ‘encyclopaedia’ as ‘encyclopedia’, and then further shorten this ancient Greek tradition to ‘wikipedia’.  The English language Wikipedia ruthlessly pursues a ‘neo-liberal’ (i.e. ‘bourgeois’) political, cultural, scientific and social agenda, whilst packaging itself as ‘democratic’ because ‘anyone’ can edit it.  The reality is that wikipedia employs thousands of professional ‘editors’ trained in the neo-liberal agenda of the USA, that target high profile ‘entries’, or those ‘entries’ deemed ‘sensitive’, or of ‘political’ significance, removing information that presents the bourgeoisie (i.e. the US System) in a bad light, or that information that proves the wikipedia narrative ‘wrong’ (such as details of Israeli atrocities carried-out in Palestine, or scientific data that contradicts wikipedia’s centre-right agenda).  Although anyone can start a page, (in fact this is exactly how wikipedia acquires its ‘free’ knowledge), it is certainly not true that its knowledge content is a consensus derived from the millions of people who access its pages annually.  Any information (which includes ‘correct’ and ‘verifiable’ data) is edited-out of wikipedia pages if it contradicts wikipedia’s neo-liberal agenda.  Although currently free of advertising, wikipedia regularly mounts highly aggressive fund-raising campaigns throughout its pages, asking for ‘donations’ from the many people who have already donated ‘free’ knowledge and their ‘free’ time.  This implies that people are manipulated to ‘pay’ for wikipedia’s ‘free’ service. In this regard, wikipedia represents exactly the bourgeois, capitalist country within which it operates (i.e. the USA).  As a consequence, wikipedia’s anti-progress, anti-leftist and anti-truth position is very clear.  Its established historical narrative reflects exactly how white middle class America views itself and the world around it.  I think the ancient Greeks would be astonished to see that in today’s America, stupidity is packaged as ‘true’ knowledge!

The wikipedia policy of ‘free access’ (packaged as ‘democratic’) is a misnomer, as it leads to the ‘ghettoization’ of knowledge.  This is represented by isolated ‘thought communities’ cut-off from one another due to the pursuance of disparate paradigms of interpretation, and definitions of ‘knowing’.  Wikipedia only views ‘Communism’ and ‘Socialism’ from the ruling class perspective, and this inherently is distorted, bias and uniformed.  Wikipedia’s continuous support for the military actions of modern (Zionist) Israel does a great disservice to supposed ‘impartiality’ of the knowledge gathering industry, as does wikipedia’s ‘demonization’ of Cuba, China, Vietnam, Laos and other Socialist or Communist countries.  Of course, rather obviously, Wikipedia present US and UK military ‘massacres’ of innocents as ‘legitimate’ combative actions in times of war, when film footage and eye-witness reports suggest otherwise.  Furthermore, wikipedia’s anti-China stance has allowed Chinese history, philosophy and culture to be distorted through a Eurocentric, racist filter, that has allowed a ‘Zennist’ group in the West to create a webpage about the famous Ch’an Buddhist monk – Master Xu Yun (1840-1959) – whereby this religious ‘cult’ insists on using the old (and out of date) Wade-Giles System of transliteration which is not recognised by China as being adequate (or correct) for the placing of Chinese words in the Western, Roman alphabet.  This ‘Zennist’ group also perpetuates a ‘mythic’ misrepresentation of Master Xu Yun premised upon its own dysfunctional and quite frankly ‘made-up’ lineage history.  This is why the English Wikipedia set-up is viewed as institutionally ‘racist’ in China.  Finally, I would like to pay tribute to the alternative researcher – Mr Lloyd Pye (now deceased) – whose work in the field of alternative science was quite outstanding.  He has made the point on his website that Wikipedia has continuously ‘refused’ to update its information about the so-called ‘Starchild’ skull, involving the latest DNA research.  People have a right to ‘think’ outside of the capitalist box.

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