The EU Monolith is No Good for the Workers


The EU debate for the upcoming Referendum is essentially this:  On the one hand, the EU is presented as an idyllic ‘brotherhood of man’ premised upon a free-market economic system that benefits everyone who is a member.  On the other hand, the EU is presented as a failed experiment of multiculturalism and forced integration, which destroys businesses and gives job to foreigners who work for reduced wages.  This is how the UK media and rightwing government are presenting the issue.  Both models are incorrect, or at least deficient.  If the UK benefitted everyone – poverty throughout Europe would have been eradicated, when in fact poverty in real terms has got worse.  Not only this, but an enhanced wealth has been centred into the hands of an ever smaller number of billionaires.  Since 1986, the EU has embarked on a vicious rightwing agenda of de-Socialising the countries of Europe who were, up to that point, essentially fully unionised and leftwing.  This was to make it easier for the US to gain a dominant foothold in Europe and exploit its people, whilst preventing any systemic movements to the left, which could oust the US beast.  As capital must move freely in the US model, it also follows that ‘labour’ must move also – hence the requirement for EU workers to move around, regardless of the problems and resentments this causes.  Workers briefly passing through national zones to earn money is not ‘multiculturalism’, but opportunist capitalism.  The capitalists want to stay in the EU to preserve their hording of private wealth, whilst other capitalists want to leave Europe because of their preferred ideology of racism – both models are premised upon self-interest and greed – and neither model helps the workers in anyway.  The choice being presented to the workers of the UK is basically this – which kind of capitalism do you want to dominate you?  Only the UK Communist left has put forward the REAL reason to LEAVE the EU – and that is because the EU is a legalised economic capitalist system that demands the ruthless dismantling of welfare provision, social housing, and national health systems for member states to remain in the EU (without facing sanctions).  Under EU Law, it is ‘illegal’ to ‘re-Nationalise’ any institution or establishment that has been privatised.  Workers do not benefit in any way from EU membership, and yet they provide all the raw labour for the middle classes to reap as profit.  It is only the rich that benefit from EU membership – but you will not be hearing this anytime soon on the BBC, or any other bourgeois media outlet.  The EU is an oppressor of the people and its supposed ‘multiculturalism’ is a sham.  Being forced to fight one another for the scraps from the rich man’s table is not how different people come together in mutual harmony and respect.  In the EU model we all come together as ‘economic enemies’ and are made to fight one another for jobs with low pay and zero hour contracts, whilst being prevented from joining a union.  The EU causes racism and xenophobia through the legalised enforcement of an international cesspool of competition for jobs given by employers with ever increasing powers, who lord it over a workforce with none.  To be truly ‘free’ of racism and exploitation, the UK must be ‘free’ of the EU.

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