Fighting Zionism – OXFORD ST: Nakba Day – BDS rolling picket for Palestine



We joined the brave men and women of the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) in London’s Oxford Street today, in support of the BDS Movement (that seeks to withdraw all business and investment support from the State of Israel), and in solidarity with the Palestinian people who remember the destruction of Palestine by the Israeli military in 1948 (known as Nakba Day). This is essentially a protest and resistance to ‘Zionism’ which a form of fascism developed by atheistic Jews at the beginning of the 20th century.  Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1947, the Israeli State has pursued a vicious campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the innocent men, women, and children in Palestinians.  Zionism (which is racist) must not be conflated with Jewish theology (which is not) as many Jews in the world reject Zionism.  In fact, Orthodox Judaism not only opposes Zionism because of its racism and atheism, but also because the creation of a ‘State of Israel’ defies god’s decree in the Jewish scripture that Jews must be spread throughout the world.  Artificially preventing this divine instruction by founding a modern Jewish State is against god’s will.  The problem is that Israel conflates the correct criticism of its racist, Zionist policies with the taint of ‘anti-Semitism’.  As Miko Peled has stated, Zionism is racism and its criticism is not ‘anti-Semitic’, but is in fact part of the righteous fight against fascism.  Zionism is practised by ‘white’ Jews in Israel who carry a racist grudge against non-white Palestinians.  The Soviet Union broke-off all diplomatic relations with Israel in 1967 – due to its racially motivated land-grab termed the ‘Six Day War’ – and in 1975, the United Nations deemed Zionism to be a form of ‘racism’.  The RCG has been mounting these protests for the last 13 years and its brave members have been subject to abuse, assault, arrest, and violence of all kinds from the Zionists – who have been supported by police officers who have targeted the RCG with arbitrary arrest whilst protecting and supporting the Zionists.  This situation has come about through the fact that Israel sponsors Zionists living in London to harass, intimidate and attack the protesters (which includes Palestinians and other people sympathetic to their cause).  This was a demonstration of good people fighting racism on the frontline and their example will be remembered by the people.





















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