Anti-Austerity March – London 16.4.2016


Thousands of Communists, Socialists and other supporters of the Leftwing, gathered in London’s Gower Street to campaign against Tory ‘Austerity’ and EU-inspired predatory capitalism.  The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) called for the UK to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum on May 5th.


Since 2010 to the present, the UK has been oppressed by a far-rightwing Tory administration (that was briefly assisted by the duplicitous Liberal Democrats) that has systematically set about destroying the Welfare State, Social Services, and the National Health Service.  This has been a typical Tory policy of cutting Benefits for the vulnerable, ill, disabled and unemployed, whilst simultaneously legislating pointless tax-cuts for the rich.  At least 10,000 people with disabilities have died since 2010 due to Benefit-cuts – and there is rumours that the figure could be as high as 80,000!  This is why the UK has become the only Western country in modern times to be investigated by the United Nations for alleged ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, but the suffering in the UK does not stop here.  Ordinary people are dying from starvation, homelessness, and lack of sufficient medical care.  To deal with this new holocaust against the poor, the Tory government has allowed charities to set-up food parcel distribution centres – which give-out food packages (of little nutrition) donated by the very supermarkets that fully backed the Tory ‘austerity’ measures.  These greedy supermarkets are now registering depleted profit margins as working class people have less money to spend, as many are now relying on pound shops where it is easier to keep an eye on expenditure.  As the NHS is privatised, the Tories are cutting grants and other benefits to student-nurses and student midwives.  The point of this is to make it virtually impossible to train for the NHS because of lack of financial support from the government.  Private firms are now offering to cover a nurse or midwife’s ‘fees’ providing they agree to work within private health, once qualified.  As this happens more and more, the NHS will suffer an ever increasing shortage of staff, and will have to be finally shut-down.  Elderly people are now having their pensions took away when they go into a care-home, with many having to also ‘sell’ the home they had brought in their younger days.  Care homes no longer have to employ properly qualified staff, and the standard of care is now dangerous and shocking.  In the middle of this capitalist feeding-frenzy, the disabled people are now having to ‘pay’ for equipment such as wheelchairs or scooters, from unqualified people running ‘mobility centres’ and the like, the sole purpose of which is to sell generally second and third rate equipment at the highest price, with no concern for the disabled person’s welfare.  These are just some of the injustices that motivated tens of thousands of people to take to the streets of London and protest the Tory’s austerity measures that only benefit the minority of rich and penalise the majority of poor.  Another issue has been the upsurge in racism in the UK which has even seen the Church of England openly supporting the racist British National Party.  The march ended in Trafalgar Square where probably around a hundred thousand people congregated to listen to speeches calling for the Tories to leave office, and for the end of ‘Austerity’. In Trafalgar Square was a very well thought-out Animal Rights presentation staged by young people who were collectively magnificent in presenting their message against animal cruelty – a message we fully support.

























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