9/11 – A Modern Islamophobic Fairy Tale

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The ‘official’ US Government’s Report of what it want ‘us’ the people to think about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre – must count as a very ‘obvious’ manifestation of a modern ‘myth’ and ‘Fairy Tale’.  Like a fairy tale, the ‘official’ US Government Report of the apparent events of 9/11 is really a highly dysfunctional ‘Morality Tale’.  A morality tale was a method for pre-modern societies to ‘scare’ its children into ‘thinking’ and ‘behaving’ in a religiously or culturally  ‘preferred’ manner that did not contravene the dominant narrative of the time, used to interpret ‘reality’.  The ‘official’ 9/11 US Government Report uses deception, evasion, deflection, and deliberate sleight of hand, to present what is nothing more than a comprehensive, racially motivated Western attack upon the religion of Islam, and the demonization of ALL Muslim people living around the world.  This approach is a convenient method for the automatic denial of the Palestinian Cause, and the equally automatic validation of the routine acts of terrorism carried-out by the Modern State of Israel against the primarily ‘Muslim’ (Arab) population of Palestine – the country Europeans invaded, annexed and colonised in 1947.  The behaviour of the Modern State of Israel, from its very inception, has been that of a Eurocentric country, pursuing a highly aggressive military, political, cultural and economic racially motivated grudge against an Arab ethnic group.  The record of the Modern State of Israel, according to the recognised standards of International Law, has been that of a failed State that has committed one aggressive terrorist attack after another, perpetuated either directly against a primarily unarmed Palestinian population, or any other country around the world that has dared to correctly expose its continuous acts of terrorism against unarmed Palestinian men, women and children.  The post-9/11 US Government response was to state that the US (and other Western countries) must aggressively attack the Middle East as a matter of ‘self-defence’.  This is exactly the same rhetorical position adopted by the Modern State of Israel.  Every aggressive act of the Israeli military is justified as an act of ‘self-defence’, regardless of the fact that such acts usually involve the invasion and annexing of other sovereign States by the Israeli military, and the routine murdering of unarmed civilians within invaded and occupied sovereign States.  What we are left with is the idea that we in the West must a priori ‘hate’ all those who are ‘Muslim’ because they attack the ‘West’ and attack ‘Israel’.  This is a racially motivated policy that presents an inverted view of reality, but as it quite easily dove-tails with already existing notions of Eurocentric racism, everyone is encouraged go along with it, and few stop to question the illogicality of what we – in the West – are being told to ‘think’ and ‘teach’ to our children.  The ‘Official’ 9/11 US Government Report states that the nineteen 9/11 terrorist bombers were comprised of 17 Saudi and 2 Egyptian nationals.  To date, the US and its Western allies (including the Modern State of Israel) have not taken any actions against Saudi Arabia or Egypt – but have invaded and destroyed two countries that had nothing whatsoever to do with the 9/11 attacks – but which had, in the past opposed the terrorist acts of the Modern State of Israel, namely Afghanistan and Iraq.  This racist US policy ended in the filmed barbaric act of the ‘lynching’ of Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein, followed by the ‘execution’ of an unarmed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan by US Navy Seals.  We must take responsibility for own perception of reality and not allow our minds and bodies to be swept along by the power of historical lies and perception perpetuated by governmental agencies – the occupants of which validate their crimes through the lie that ‘we’ the people ‘voted’ them into office!  The truth is that it does not matter who occupies the governmental agencies, because it is the a priori policies of the governmental agencies that is the issue.  These rightwing, racially motivated policies continue to unfold, unhindered by the fact that those who carry them out are changed every 5 years in an apparent ‘democratic’ election process.  In this regard, ‘democracy’ and the ’democratic’ process are a sham or ‘sleight of hand’ designed to justify rightwing political agendas that do not change regardless of who is ‘elected’ into official office, or the thinking these elected officials expressed in their political campaigns prior to their election.  Learn to think for yourself, and do not ‘wait’ to be told what to ‘think’ by others who are no better or worse than yourself.  True freedom of thought is its own validation.

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