Soviet Soldiers Liberate North-east China


The last Emperor of China – Pu Yi – was over-thrown in 1911 by the pro-Western Nationalist government (now ruling only the tiny island of Taiwan).  Pu Yi became a playboy, but when the Japanese Imperial Army invaded China in 1931, Pu Yi was co-opted by the Japanese to become the figure-head of the fallacious puppet State of Manchu-guo.  Manchu-guo was essentially Manchuria situated in what is now north-east China.  This was an area of extensive Japanese colonisation prior to their moving into China proper.  However, in the mid to late 1930’s the Japanese Imperial Army suffered a number of humiliating military defeats at the hands of the Soviet Red Army along the Soviet-Manchurian border. In 1945, the Soviet Red Army invaded and ‘liberated’ north-east China and ousted the occupying Japanese forces from China.  This extensive geographical area was then handed-over to the Chinese Communist forces of Mao Zedong (together with its captured Japanese industrial infrastructure) – a move that hastened the end of the corrupt Nationalist regime on the Mainland.  Pu Yi was apprehended as he tried to flee to Japan and the picture above shows victorious Soviet troops sat in the Manchu-guo throne room.  This is what quite rightly happens when the workers over-throw their oppressors!

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