The Disturbing Case of UKIP on the Torbay Anti-Austerity March

UKIP Infiltrator on Torbay March
UKIP Infiltrator on Torbay March
UKIP Member Photographing My 3 Year Old Daughter - and Uploading the Image on the Net
UKIP Member Photographing My 3 Year Old Daughter – and Uploading the Image on the Net

“You Left-wing scum are all the same, wanting to hand our birthright to Romanian gypsies who beat their wives and children into begging and stealing money they can gamble with, Muslim nutters who want to kill us and put us all under medieval Sharia law, the same Africans who sold their Afro-Caribbean brothers into a slavery that Britain was the first to abolish.”

Paul Wiffen (Former UKIP London Region Chairman)

My family travelled from London to be on the historical Torbay 3 Towns Anti-Austerity Walk. We are very active in Leftwing politics in the London area – and as part of our family lives in Torquay, we wanted to show solidarity in the opposition to the vicious cuts inflicted upon the UK populace, by the Liberal Democratic and Conservative Parties – the latter of which was re-elected in the 2015 General Election. This is despite the fact that at least 10,000 people with disabilities have died as a direct result of Benefits cuts – a shocking statistic that is only part of the social and cultural damage achieved by the far-right and its ruthless ‘austerity’ measures. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is a fascist political entity that has its headquarters in Newton Abbot, Devon – exactly the same headquarters, by the way, as the now struggling British National Party (BNP). Both these far-right neo-Nazi movements are are staffed by members who multi-task at running the English Defence League (EDL), and the Christian based Britain First. Although these type of far-right fringe parties only have a membership in the low hundreds – their general fascist message is given a respectability it does not disserve, through the unquestioning media support it receives from the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five and Sky, etc. This type of coverage legitimises attitudes such as racism, misogyny, homophobia, domestic violence, sexual abuse, animal abuse, anti-disability, and the anti-democratic viewpoints espoused by Adolf Hitler in his infamous book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’. Indeed, during the hustings for the 2015 General Election in the UK – many UKIP parliamentary candidates were seen openly quoting passages from this epicentre of Nazi ideology, with little critical comment from the news networks (who showed the quotes in full), or from observing by-standers. This behaviour is from exactly the same UK news networks that refused to cover the Trade Union Socialist Coalition, the Socialist Party, or the Communist Party of Britain, all of which stood parliamentary candidates across the UK.

I was dismayed to see a UKIP representative on the Torbay march. I was even more disappointed that he was not asked to leave, or that other people on the march (all predominately ‘white’) were either indifferent to his malignant presence, or worse still actually engaged him in jolly banter as he filmed and photographed other members of the group to upload on the numerous neo-Nazi websites administered by UKIP. This included photos and footage of my wife (who is British born Chinese), and my young daughter. We felt threatened by the presence of a neo-Nazi – and by the reaction of those around us who were indifferent to our plight – whilst protesting ‘anti-austerity’! We marched the entire 8.6 miles and this individual kept trying to walk between myself and my partner – probably to illicit a response – but we are too disciplined to react to this provocation. When we carry the Red Flag, we carry it for the International Working Class and not for ourselves. As we moved from Preston Green, this UKIP individual was seen talking a by-stander. This by-stander nodded and walked over to me in an aggressive manner and said: ‘If you don’t want austerity – you pay for it!’ We suspect this was another UKIP person trying, but spectacularly failing to be ‘intellectual’! I ignored him and marched on. When I attended the Gay Pride March in London a few weeks ago – UKIP tried to infiltrate – but the police took them away. Let’s not forget that Adolf Hitler’s Nazism (which UKIP supports) murdered hundreds of thousands of gay people in the gas chambers. Just as they hate the disabled, they also hate anything that deviates from their notion of ‘white’ supremacy. After falling abysmally to get anywhere in the 2015 General Election, UKIP is now trying to infiltrate leftwing politics in an attempt to hijack the agendas of tolerance and understanding. UKIP – the party of intolerance – accuses any group that rightfully ‘bans’ them as being ‘intolerant’! It is my understanding that this is the tactic they used to gain entry to the Torbay march. I think the fascist UKIP should not have been permitted to march – particularly as there is so much racism in the Torbay area. The scope of their lies and deception can be seen in the fact that everytime a driver beeped his or her car-horn in support of our Red Flag – the UKIP infiltrator would wave and shout ‘thank you – another vote for UKIP’! We listened to all the speakers along the way, and – not one of the otherwise excellent speakers commented on the connection between the enforced poverty of austerity, and the inherent link to the rise in the UK of the far-right. It is a well-known fact that racism and indolence increases with desperation poverty, and that these conditions prove fertile ground for the recruiting of desperate people into far-right political movements. Unfortunately, by allowing the corrupting influence of UKIP to be present at this historic event, organisers of the Torbay march missed a prime opportunity to stand up against racism in British society, and make a firm stand against fascism.  On the other hand, the very fact that a leftwing march happened at all in the naturally rightwing Torbay – and that it had the power to attract the odious UKIP – demonstrates just how extraordinary this event was!

UPDATE: This is the message of disgust we have sent to one of the organisers of the Torbay anti austerity march. This person actively allowed a UKIP member on the anti-austerity march – and then encouraged his rightwing friends in Torbay to insult my partner and daughter. The world of politics can be a dangerous place – particularly when white racists pretend to be revolutionary left-wingers! Torquay is a racist place and this racism must be fought. We marched with the Red Flag – we are proud of that!  I reported to Mr Nick Slater whilst on the march that this UKIP person was photographing and filming my three year old daughter and partner (who is British born Chinese) and uploading these images onto net.  I am advised that this should be reported to the police, and cannot comment any further at this point.  20.7.15

Racist UKIP Invited to Torbay Anti-Austerity March 18.7.15

Dear Mr Nick Slater

Please be advised that my father (Moses Wave Man) supports the good people of Torbay and applauds their anti-austerity march – but has been deeply disappointed and saddened by your support for the racist UKIP – as has the rest of our family and the broader, right minded people of the Torbay community.  This has been compounded by the rightwing post of support that you made about the UKIP representative you allowed on the march (and where interviewed with on BBC Spotlight) – and the racist comments this has attracted against my partner and daughter from your rightwing ‘friends’ (such as the local Green Party members Jem Dodd, Virginia Keyes, Natalie Croxon and others) in Torbay.  As you are obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as ‘Socialist’ –  neither my father, nor our family can continue to support you.  I will, instead be writing a very different article for the national press.  We marched for the ordinary people of South Devon (and elsewhere) who live on housing estates and not country estates.  Who suffer oppression on a daily basis from the national government, DWP, local council, Social Services, corporations, the judiciary and indifferent law enforcement. I think the duplicitous attitude that prevailed throughout the march can be easily explained by this article from the Morning Star:

UPDATE: These are the comments Nick Slater and his Green Party (UKIP supporting) friends have been making on Nick Slater’s Facebook page about our family – and my father Moses Waveman:  My father thought it best to place these messages on his Facebook page to expose the racism (against his daughter-in-Law and granddaughter) and the corruption in the minds and hearts of these individuals.  My father has been humbled by the thousands of messages of support and advises that although these people are mistaken and misled, they should be forgiven once the danger they pose has been fully understood:  25.7.15

Moses the Bay Waveman – No To Racism

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