Free Genetic Development (and not Mistaken Notions of ‘Race’) has Driven Human Evolution


Racism certainly makes fools of us all. Colour-coding is a racist absurdity that treats everyone as if their identity should be limited to their apparent bone-structure, and skin-colour tone. Race is a biological absurdity (as genetically all human groupings evolved in Africa), but historical hatred and tension surrounds comparative culture. Broadly speaking, in the last five hundred years, European culture militarily dominated (through religion and economics), the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Polynesia, etc. This has led to a dichotomy of identity between Europeans and non-Europeans that is still being played out through mainstream and peripheral (i.e. ‘extremist’) politics. The notion of ‘race’ and ‘nationalism’ have been described as a bourgeois sham designed to separate distinct human cultural groupings simply on the outer layer of skin-tone and colour. The error in this limited thinking is that even within distinct cultural groupings (such as African), contain extensive physiological differences, and the current thinking is that the biological differences between people within the same ethnicity are greater than those between people of different ethnic groups, and yet the fixation of race-hate has evolved in modern European thinking premised only on skin-colour. This is not to say that racism does not exist within other ethnic groups – it certainly does – but European racial thinking has dominated the world (and most of the non-European cultural groupings) due to its political, religious, and military power expressed through the colonial and imperial era. This explains why many non-European ethnic groups come together to resist this Eurocentric cultural and political domination at the point of contact as an important political issue.

In reality, everyone has in principle, the right to self-determination and live their life as they see fit. Strong cultural identities cannot necessarily (in the modern world) be linked exclusively to ‘skin-colour’ and ‘bone-structure’. Individuals might not look obviously like a member of a specific ethnic grouping, and yet due to cultural association and saturation (which may or may not include a direct genetic heritage), an individual might well live and think within an ethnic cultural identity that does not necessarily correlate with the apparent outer formulation of their physical body. Some people of African-Caribbean descent, for example, when born and brought up in the West, may well express a ‘European’ mode of cultural expression in their everyday lives, whilst simultaneously not necessarily supporting ‘Eurocentricism’, and being politically aware of Black issues. Conversely, some Europeans can be brought up with the influences of African-Caribbean cultural expression, which positively affect their view of the world for the rest of their lives. Cultural identity cannot be limited to the colour and structure of the outer body, even if it is logically acknowledged that distinct ethnic human groupings, more or less evolved historically in isolation from one another, many thousands of years after the original genetic modern human grouping left Africa around 150,000 years ago. In fact, so-called ‘racial’ differences appear to have only developed between human groupings as little as only 10,000 years ago. Taken at face-value, these evolutionary changes in physique have been mistaken for a difference in ‘genetic’ origin, when modern human beings, regardless of distinct culture and physical look, are in fact from exactly the same genetic heritage. There used to be different human and near-human groupings, but even these now ‘extinct’ entities still share a common genetic origin with modern humans, despite the fact that they did not evolve into modern humans. Research suggests that some modern humans carry the distinctive DNA of Neanderthals – a cousin of modern humans – which means that modern human groupings and Neanderthal groupings existed ‘together’ at some point in time, and that these two distinctive ethnic groupings bred together and intermixed, producing diverse off-spring. This happened because this pattern of ‘ethnic-mixing’ in the past, was not subject to the preventive measures of modern race-politics, or racialised thinking. In the past it is scientifically evident that evolution has been driven not by ethnic exclusivity, but on the contrary, by a continued and sustained ‘mixing’ of diversity that would be considered breath-taking in the modern world, the politics of which artificially separates humanity into ruthlessly competing classes, races, nations, and economic camps. Although the modern trend of competing human political culture has been away from diversity and into isolated and easily controllable special interest groups, the history of human genetic development dating back millions of years, has been subject to three-dimensional and completely ‘free’ movement in any direction.

This knowledge does not ‘negate’ the contemporary subject of racial politics, which is after-all of relatively modern import, but it can assist in the process of ‘de-racializing’ the debate so that ethnic groups can evolve away from the mentality of armed camps resisting the enemy. Modern racism can be ‘dissolved’ with a correct scientific knowledge of the past, even if it is acknowledged that it will take time to completely end the illusion of ‘race’. The reality is that the limited human mind has generated ‘race’ and ‘racism’ as a means for one dominant group to oppress and control another. Whilst one group perpetuates racism through a privileged cultural-economic position, and other groups react to this perpetuation, the reality lies beyond and through this dichotomy. Modern racism, with all its hatred, murder, abuse, and pain, is a historical habit that must be broken, so that a new human freedom is realised. This ‘new’ freedom should represent the three-dimensional psychological and physical open space that human ancestry quite naturally experienced in antiquity, but it should be present through the modern and post-modern cultural milieu. This development should be a positive step forward into a bright new future for human conscious awareness, and not perceived as a negative step back into a primitive human past. Modern racism is a product not of ancient humans, but ironically of the deluded thought of modern humans. As the modern human mind has been designed by and through diversity, its mechanisations are set a priori for adaptation and radical change. This being the case, humanity can evolve beyond modern racism by giving-up a limited mentality and embracing a far-greater understanding of the universe and humanity’s place within it.


  1. There’s so much in this I don’t know where to start. The central thing is I know what you’re saying, I’m married (30 years) to a Thai and committed to staying with her in her culture. A long time ago I started to give up my Western cultural attitudes and for me it continues to be a learning process, even though I have so much knowledge about the Thai culture. I’m grateful for your article and shall read it some more, just felt an immediate response was necessary…

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