US Racism Will Not Win a War Against China


The attitude toward China that is emanating from the USA and Europe is racially motivated. He US administration is using disinformation and ‘false flags’ to whip-up race hatred in the minds of its citizens in preparation for a war with China – but logic and reason surely dictates that this will be a war that the USA will lose. China has a policy of peace at all costs, but the US is pretending that China has ‘hacked’ its computers and offended its values, etc. When viewed in the light of ‘wikileaks’ and other scandals exposing US duplicity even with its own allies, it is clear that in fact it is the CIA that misuses the internet at every turn – against its own loyal citizens – spying on their computer histories and personal correspondence. Outright and extremist racism exists throughout US culture as the following pictures of Ku Klux Klan members demonstrates:



Original Chinese language Source Article:


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