Why the Odious Tories Might Win the 2015 UK General Election

David 'Adolf'Cameron
David ‘Adolf’ Cameron

There has been a general swing away from leftwing politics in the UK since 1979 and the general election victory of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party. In fact, so naturally racist and rightwing were her policies, and the rhetoric she employed to explain them, that her assumption of power led to a general collapse of the far-right National Front and its natural allies that existed on the fringes of British society. Thatcher’s routine pandering to the white middle classes, and her natural affinity with an entirely blinkered Eurocentrism, led to her Tory administration uniting all the far-right groups in the UK under one Conservative banner. Her tendency to ‘racialize’ all non-white groups into ‘social problems’, caused by ‘immigration errors’, dichotomised British society and led to some of the worst so-called ‘race riots’ the UK had ever seen in its history. Thatcher also believed that society did not exist, and that only the greedy individual mattered, and as a consequence, she tailored all her policies toward rewarding and maintaining the agency of greed throughout society, whilst simultaneously punishing altruistic and selfless modes of progressive interaction and community spirit. As a consequence, the group orientated ‘Socialism’ instigated by the 1945 Labour government was ‘out’, and the neo-Conservative, so popular amongst the Christian rightwing of the United States was very much ‘in’.

The extensive social net of the British Welfare State was immediately attacked by the Thatcherite administration, and was decimated with extensive cuts, cancellations, sanctions, pointless sophistry, whilst utilising indifferent and uncaring implementation policies. This was the first salvos in the Tory plans to eradicate the concept of ‘Welfare’ from the British social lexicon, and introduce widespread privatisation and uncontrolled profit-making by those who already possessed vast financial resources. The National Health Service was switched with haste from an institution that worked through the premise of catering to a patient’s ‘needs’ (regardless of cost), to that of a service which premised its treatment of the ill, injured, and diseased solely through the principle of ‘cost’, and the maintaining of ‘profit’. This change in UK health culture has led to doctors being trained as accountants, who are indifferent to the suffering of their patients, but who are attentive to their profits. This change of policy was also accompanied by a drastic cut in professionally trained personnel, wages, facilities, and a decent quality of drugs being available in the NHS. Thatcher’s administration also scrapped free higher education for UK students attending British universities – a change that has seen students leaving education with tens of thousands of pounds of debt, and has seen the number of working class students attending higher education drop dramatically. And this is the point of the Tory policies which are designed to return UK society back to a clear class distinction whereby the working class live in poverty and ignorance, and exists only to serve the needs of the well-off middle and upper classes. For this retrogressive step to be achieved, all of the British Socialistic institutions must be abolished so that the only deciding factor that matters in UK life is the possession of personal wealth. This backward step marks the end of social altruism and the victory of selfishness.

The present UK government is Tory-led, despite the fact that it only acquired power through a statistical quirk associated with Britain’s peculiar, and inherently unfair first past the post voting system. The Tories under David Cameron have only been able to continue the Thatcherite regression of UK social institutions through the assistance and co-operation of the Liberal Democratic Party, who had a choice of going into coalition with Labour in 2010, but instead showed their true conservative colours by siding with the Tories. This alliance has allowed the Tories to make extensive cuts to the British Welfare State and NHS so-quickly (as they fear being voted-out at the next election), that incidences of homelessness has reached all time record proportions, and the young, elderly, disabled, and the sick, have been routinely dying from benefit suspensions and sanctions, and poor or inadequate healthcare provisions.   This has been achieved in the face of widespread opposition in the UK which has seen millions of people marching in protest through London and other cities – whilst being ignored by the BBC, ITV, Sky News, and other news networks controlled by Tory stooges. It is a remarkable manipulation of State media the likes of which has not been seen since Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the early 1930’s. The point of this exclusion from the media of working class protest is to allow the middle and upper classes (who have received generous tax-cuts at the expense of deprived benefit recipients) to continue to live in the privileged and opulent lifestyles unencumbered by issues of conscience. With such social devastation it is difficult to envisage how or why the Tories could win the next general election, but in a very real sense, their complete control and manipulation of the media makes it very likely when UK voting patterns are taken into account.

On average around one-third (approx. 33%) of those eligible vote in UK general elections actually do so. This means out of the total population of those who have the right to vote – two-thirds (approx. 66%) chose not to. This is a staggering discrepancy between the minority of voters those who decide the UK’s political direction, and those potential voters who do not vote (the majority) who have to live through the realities of those decisions. During WWII, of course, working class men were conscripted on mass into the British fighting forces, and this experience broadened their perspectives, and allowed for political ideas to permeate and spread. When they returned to the UK they voted-in a Socialist Labour Party that changed the very fabric of UK society and ushered-in a new era of hope and prosperity. Since that time, however, the British working class has retreated into its own insular existence in the face of Tory inspired ideological attacks on its existence. In a sense this has played into the Tory requirement to ‘ghettoise’ the working class and firmly keep them within easily definable and controllable boundaries. David Cameron’s Tories are simply putting the finishing touches to the Thatcherite counter-revolution that will see the working class thoroughly diminished and defeated. In this regard, the British working class only has itself to blame as all it has to do is vote on mass for a leftwing party – and yet as a group it does not act – this is why the Tories might well win the next general election. This potential scenario is even more likely when the disaffection of the Liberal Democratic Party membership is taken into account. The grassroots LibDem membership has by and large felt betrayed by their party which has jettisoned every progressive policy it once held (even the notion of ‘proportional Representation’) as a means to facilitate the implementation of Tory dogma. This disaffection will split the LibDem at the next general election with some LibDem members supporting the Tories and others either supporting fringe groups, or the Labour Party. The Labour Party has betrayed the working class and has become a soft-Tory enterprise – it is not a viable answer to the Tory excesses. Voting Labour will only slow down the privatisation of the NHS, and continue the eradication of the British Welfare State. As only one-third of the British electorate will be voting (perhaps less), it is very likely that the Tories will benefit from voter dissatisfaction with the LibDems and the Labour Party. This will allow a triumphant Cameron to declare that his ruthless and vicious policies have been ‘vindicated’ by the British electorate, when in reality the vast majority of his victims will remain politically silent and continue to suffer behind the scenes. Politicians in a liberal, democratic system only listen to those that vote – as the working class is not voting on mass, their suffering goes unacknowledged and unresolved. The working class must mobilise in this class war and stop retreating into poverty and social exclusion!

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.


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  1. British politics are not a mysterious affair, but its trends can be clearly seen. Back in February the above was my assessment of these trends, which predicted a Tory win, despite their terrible and devastating policies for ordinary people!


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