A Taste of Ch’an Tea


Ch’an Mind is like a Clear Mountain Spring; Tea Contains the Ten Thousand Things

Original Chinese Language Article: Bao Guang Temple (宝光寺)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Ch’an Mind is like a clear mountain stream

Tea contains the Ten Thousand things.

A single cup contains the empty void.

The Taste of Dao is Extraordinary.

The Taste regulates the hot and cold Life.

The Flavour is bitter and spicy, sour and sweet.

Utensils clean the dirt that stains the human mind.

The Life of the Buddha emanate from the Source.

Calligraphy manifests the Dao of Dharma, and Harmony prevails through No-self.

The True Mind enters the Ink, and the Brush expresses the Flower of Life.

Original Chinese Article:


禅 茶 一 味(禅心如清泉,茶中蕴藏万千)

禅 心如那清泉

茶 中蕴藏万千

一 杯承纳虚空

味 道非同一般

品 尝人生冷暖

味 聚苦辣酸甜

人 心器皿垢尽

生 佛本来同源

书法含道法  圆融无自它

真心入墨中  笔下能生花

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